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3 Negative MLB Predictions

1)Neither World Series teams will even make the play-offs this year.

That is correct, neither the Giants nor the Royals will make the post-season. Mainly because both teams reside in divisions that have gotten tougher to win by what the other teams in those divisions did in the off-season. And frankly, neither of these teams did enough to keep up with those division opponents.

The Giants did not sign any offense to replace what they lost when Sandoval departed for Boston. Now granted I would not have paid Sandoval what Boston did, but I would have tried to get some offensive firepower somewhere else, and they did not. Plus, there rotation is in shambles. Bumgarner became famous because of what he did in the play-offs. Problem was, in the regular season he was below average. Matt Cain is currently on the DL and then you are depending on Tim Hudson and Jake Peavy to carry the load? They are 4th and 5th starters in most rotations at best. 2014worldseries

The Royals are basically a carbon copy of the Giants. They did not sign James Shields, and let a 2nd year pitcher become their #1 in Yordano Ventura. Their big off-season moves were Edinson Volquez and Alex Rios, who is also on the DL. They let Billy Butler walk to Oakland for 3 years and $30 million but they signed Rios to a 1 year deal worth $12.5 million and a mutual option for another $12.5 million for next season. Where he hit a 2 year total of 10 home runs in Texas, which is considered a hitter friendly ballpark.

2) By years end, at least 10 MLB players will be suspended for violation of the leagues substance abuse policy.

New York Met's closer Jenrry Mejia.

New York Met’s closer Jenrry Mejia.

This is an unfortunate probability. 1 week into the season we already had Ervin Santana and Jenrry Mejia suspended without pay for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. I am sure there will be more to follow before the season comes to a close. I am not sure why players are still using drugs when they know MLB has the toughest drug policies in sports. The only thing I can think of is that they feel enormous pressure to live up to the dollars of their contracts.

3) The Minnesota Twins will have more losses than points scored by the Wild. And this year the Wild scored 100 points in the regular season.

Just so we are clear here, this statement means that the Twins will have a 101 loss season at least. I do not foresee this being a problem whatsoever. They have absolutely no pitching, besides possibly Ervin Santana, but as mentioned above he will not be helping them anytime soon. So they will need to score quite a few runs to win games. Now, name me any player on the Twins roster who strikes fear in the opposition when he steps to the plate. Enough said.

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