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Playoff Scenario for the Bulls

Rose passing   It’s here boys and girls, the last game of the NBA regular season.  It’s almost playoff time and in the end, one team will stand up above the rest and be the top team in the NBA.  Even down to the last game of the year, teams are fighting to earn a playoff spot.  The Chicago Bulls have already clinched, going on seven straight years now, but the last game of the season will decide if the Bulls will get the third or fourth seed.

With the last second loss to the surprising Celtics tonight, the Chicago Bulls have a chance to clinch the third seed tomorrow versus the Atlanta Hawks.  Derrick Rose will lead the charge versus former Bull Kyle Korver as the Bulls first round opponent will be up to them.  If the Bulls win or the Raptors lose, they will play the Milwaukee Bucks.   If they lose and the Raptors win, it will be a rematch of last year’s first round matchup, the Washington Wizards.   Rose vs Wall

The past few games have been big moral boosters for the Bulls. Last Saturday, April 18, the Bulls toughed it out versus a hungry and agitated 76ers team.  Derrick Rose posted a 22-8 performance along with yet another double- double from Pau Gasol.  On Monday, the Bulls went into to Brooklyn and dominated the Nets (Jay-Z is gone; wonder if that may be a problem?).  Derrick Rose had another productive game and looks very good coming off yet another knee surgery.  Rose is confident and everyone around him is supportive.  The Bulls have looked very good the past couple games and look ready to contend for a title.

The Bulls have to enter the game like it is Game 1 and get the job done up and down the floor.  A few things will have to be done very well for the Bulls to win and play who they want in the 1st round of the play-offs.

Keys to the game:

  1. Keep up the Rebounding

The Chicago Bulls are third in the league while the Hawks are a whopping 28th.  That does not mean that it is going to be easy at all.  The Bulls must stay the course and box out.  Just because the Hawks are a poor rebounding team does not mean that they will not be aggressive and go for the ball.  You cannot take any team for granted; you must go out and get your body on a man and fight for that ball.


  1. Pressure the perimeter

The Atlanta Hawks are 10th in the league in three point shooting, mainly from the hot hand of Kyle Korver.   The Bulls have to play lock down defense on the perimeter and always have a hand in a face.  Kyle Korver is one of the best catch and shoot players in the entire association.  The Chicago Bulls need to call out switches and communicate to keep Atlanta from getting hot and taking over the ball game.


  1. Rose needs another productive performance

Derrick Rose has looked great since coming back from his recent surgery.  His explosiveness and hustle looks the same but even better from where he left off before the injury.  Despite missing all that time, the Bulls stayed a top of the East and have battled through the rigors of an NBA season.  Rose must buckle down and lead the team to a win.  The Bulls and the fans probably want to play the Bucks because they are an easier first round opponent.  Rose needs at put up at least 15 points and anywhere from 5-8 assists.  Rose likes to score but it is even better when he becomes a facilitating guard at the start.

The game will take place at the United Center with a 7:00 pm Central tip-off. Joakim Noah is doubtful and Kirk Hinrich have been ruled out for the game. If the Bulls win or Raptors lose, then the Bulls will play the Bucks in the first round.  With a Bulls loss and a Raptors win, the Raptors get the 3rd seed since the Raptors won their division.

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