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New England Patriots quarterback and Super Bowl XLIX MVP, Tom Brady has been having a great offseason, from the looks of it. He’s been staying active on social media while vacationing in the Bahamas this month. He posted a video to his Facebook, showing himself diving feet first off of a cliff in Costa Rica.

The very next day, a video emerged on Instagram of Brady playing pickup basketball with Michael Jordan in the Bahamas.

That’s not all; he even put fans in an uproar when he posted a picture of himself in a full body cast. Knowing people would assume that he injured himself cliff diving, he captioned the picture “Jordan’s crossover is no joke!” with a Michael Jordan autograph on his cast. Obviously it was a clever April Fool’s joke. Tom Brady has a lot to celebrate after winning the Super Bowl two months ago and it looks like he’s doing it the right way. It’s nice to see athletes not take themselves too seriously.


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