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Archie Bradley; I’m a Big Leaguer

Saturday Night April 11th was the much anticipated debut of Archie Bradley on the Chase Field mound. In his debut he threw 112 pitches, struck out 6 while walking 4 and most importantly got the win. A win that puts Arizona in 2nd place and the Dodgers in last place in the National League West.

Archie’s father Charles was asked how he found out that his son had made the big leagues. “I was driving down the road and Archie

Arizona starting pitcher Archie Bradley.

Arizona starting pitcher Archie Bradley.

nonchalantly asked me, “What are you doing Dad?” Well I am just driving down the road and he said,  “Well I’m a big leaguer.” Archie’s dad looked like he was going to get emotional as he recalled the moment. Pam, Archie’s mom reached up and lovingly rubbed Charles right shoulder and said, “It was a dream come true to watch him work that hard give so much and sacrifice Thankfully his dream has happened, he is here!” It was a really heartfelt moment from two proud parents.

He started the game with 5, 3-2 counts. Yet he ended up going 6 strong innings. Those 6 innings were the most innings of any starter wearing a Diamondback’s uniform so far this year.“Tonight he believed in his fastball first and foremost,” boasted former Diamondbacks manager, now television broadcaster Bob Brenley. “He challenged a lot of really good hitters tonight.” Brenley was not done with his praise of the young right-hander who is a few months shy of his 23rd birthday, “He knows he’s good, he knows his stuff is good, he believes he can compete at this level and tonight is just an affirmation of that.”bradley2

But the much deserved praises did not stop there. After the game current Diamondbacks manger Chip Hale had this to say, “He is a confident kid, it is exciting for him, exciting for the ball club and exciting for the organization.” Although this was Bradley’s debut, it was truly a team win. A.J. Pollock became only the 3rd player in MLB history to reach base 4 times in the same game against Clayton Kershaw and Paul Goldschmidt hit a two run home run that ultimately chased Kershaw from the game. It was that team effort that prompted manager Chip Hale to say, “We have great character in this clubhouse and Archie is a part of that. He is like the little brother that everybody takes care of.”

And speaking of taking care of people Pam Bradley made sure she did that as well by saying, “I want to say thanks to all of the people who helped him get here. Family, friends, coaches just great people. We have been very very blessed a lot of great people.”

I did an interview with Archie Bradley at an event called Baseball America earlier in the year, and I can tell you he seemed very confident that he was going to make the big league club this season (that interview will be published at a later date). He not only did that, he made a great 1st impression with the win and with the bat. As he hit the 1st pitch he saw in the majors off the unanimous Cy-Young award winner of 2014.



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