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Buccaneers Will Sink If Glennon is Traded

Rumor is that Bucs are shopping QB Glennon, this is not good !


As the Buccaneers and their fans draw closer to draft day this year, they are seeing the same discussion and singing the same song at each other’s throats…what to do with Mike Glennon. As of lately there have been multiple, but speculated reports of Glennon possibly being traded. This was a topic of talk leading up to last year’s draft and during the draft as well. In fact Bucs Head Coach Lovie Smith was open to possibly trading Glennon last year…during the draft. As Lovie began fielding heavy amounts of offers he was intrigued as what this young QB could possibly bring, so he decided to hold and find out what he had in him.

Well from the get-go as a head coach coming into a franchise (2014) and by the time draft day arrives, you should already have a good idea of what you have in a possible starting QB, and every other position; especially if you have taken a whole year off from coaching in the NFL.

What did Lovie have in Glennon? You all know he had a QB that threw 19 TD`s and 9 INT`s and was hailed as the best QB to come out of 2013 draft by the numbers.

Bucs , HC, Lovie Smith

Bucs , HC, Lovie Smith

So fast forward to this year’s draft and where are the Bucs now? Sitting at No. 1 spot in the draft because Lovie Smith`s over confident McCown experiment backfired, Glennon did not feel at ease [mainly because of their inept offensive line] and now the Bucs for the second year in a row have QB decisions.The Bucs are already one of the youngest teams in the league. It seems more likely as each day passes that they are about to get younger…at the QB position.

Sure the Bucs draft Jameis Winston from Florida State and have the chance of scoring another Andrew Luck, keyword is chance. It is a good pick at No. 1 if the teams has QB needs. Since the team has QB needs, then why would you trade away a third year player that you drafted at that position with 12 starts?

There is something that Bucs lack at almost every position within their team, minus wide receiver, and that is depth. Glennon is a solid band aid. We all know that Lovie is in love with Jameis, but he is still a rookie. Trading away Mike Glennon and automatically giving the keys of the offense to Winston right away is parallel to the same mistake that the St. Louis Rams displayed with Sam Bradford in 2010.

The Bucs QB roster needs depth, competition, cohesive relationships, mentorship and possibly if needed a developmental process for the teams newest and youngest QB. Mike Glennon by far deserves a chance and a spot in this league. If he is a backup QB then he is probably among the best. If there were tiers for backups then Glennon is definite an “A” rating for second string.

Jameis Winston , QB, Florida State

Jameis Winston , QB, Florida State

As for competition, sure Winston does look like the better candidate to beat him. We all know what the majority of the fans want, especially the Florida State faithful. The team needs to look at what makes good business sense, not what makes the fans happy. It is hard not to let Glennon start the season if he is around, because if he is not , then the Bucs have nobody else and will have to start their new QB. The problem is though, have you seen the Bucs offensive line lately? Not trading Glennon and allowing him to start gives the Bucs multiple options of positivity.

  1. Glennon starts and allows Winston (or whoever else) additional weeks of game speed, sideline action and in-season practice with drills, playbook and film.
  2. Preserve your new QB by allowing Glennon to take the first damaging hits if the offensive line traditionally begins to struggle and work out the chinks.
  3. If Winston or other QB is to go down with and injury after starting so many games, then you have a multi-year experienced QB within the franchise and offense that can confidently go out and play.

Bucs fans should not be focused on a new QB, they should be all about a trade that will acquire massive amounts of draft picks; that will  still allow the Bucs to select a QB in the latter rounds of the draft. Fans should also be all about their depth at QB and keep around a QB that has shown to be a better chance than any other crusty free agent backup. Because face it, any back up QB in the league is torn, worn and old. In Mike Glennon the team just may or does have the strongest, youngest and most motivated second hand QB in the NFL. Is that worth a 4th or 5th round pick and then still need another QB after that?

I understand that Winston may be the next Andrew Luck, but I also understand that Mike Glennon may be the next Tom Brady.



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