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Ryan Tannehill, the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, threw for 4,045 yards, 27 touchdowns, and had a 92.8 passer rating in 2014, which are all career highs for him. Tannehill is expected to get a huge raise because the Miami organization has 76679842endorsed him this offseason as their long-term solution. He is just 23-25 as a starter and has never had a winning season in Miami. Ryan also has yet to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs. Tannehill’s .479 career winning percentage is worse than Jay Cutler (.512), Andy Dalton (.625) and Colin Kaepernick (.641). When working out a long-term contract, those are the players that he will be compared to. Not every win and loss can be blamed on the quarterback, but a quarterback’s career is determined by wins and losses. Ryan Tannehill must win enough games in this upcoming NFL season to get the Dolphins into the playoffs. The postseason part of Tannehill’s resume seems to be a major void at the moment.


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