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Against All Odds: Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames are in the playoff hunt. Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, not only are they in the playoff hunt, but they’re also currently sitting in a playoff spot. They are currently 3rd in the Pacific Division. This is a team that was projected by both experts and fans alike, to be in the bottom five of the league this season, before the season began. The Flames continue to turn heads in the league, much like the Colorado Avalanche did last year when they took the top spot in the Central. The Flames haven’t received much attention this season and yet they continued to persevere. Behind Head Coach Bob Hartley, the Flames keep playing winning hockey. You can’t discount it either, because you end up with the conclusion that they prove by their play that they deserve to be where they are. More so, they continue to make their push against all odds. What exactly am I referring to? Keep reading and you’ll understand; you may also become a believer as well. If not, you can continue to do what experts have done all year long, shake their heads in amazement.

Bob Hartley

Flames Head Coach: Bob Hartley

It was a Wednesday night for the Calgary Flames; they had just snapped a 3 game losing streak, beating the New Jersey Devils 3-1. Elated with their play that allowed them back into a Wild Card position with only 21 games remaining to play, tragedy struck. Their Captain, defenseman Mark Giordano, was out. He was injured in the third period, on a play where Giordano found himself tangled up with Steve Bernier. Giordano will miss the rest of this season and will have surgery on his torn biceps tendon. A few days later, the Calgary Flames did what many thought would conclude their demise; as a team that would be watching the Stanley Cup playoffs from home, instead of being one of the 16 teams playing for the ultimate prize. In his seventh year with Calgary, Curtis Glencross was traded to the Washington Capitals for a 2nd a 3rd round pick for this year’s draft.

juri hudler

Flames Leading Scorer (72 Points): Juri Hudler


After last nights’ 4-0 win against Edmonton, the Flames sit at 93 points. I asked NHL Network Radio show host, Mick Kern, what his thoughts on Calgary are. His statement solidifies wholeheartedly the thoughts from the rest of the league. “Just when you think the Calgary Flames are going to wake up and realize they’re only the Calgary Flames, they put together a solid 60 minute effort that lends credence to the once outrageous belief that the boys from Cowtown not only will make the playoffs this season, but will be a tough team to draw in the first round.” This is definitely one of the few teams that push the emotional emphasis into wanting to cheer for a team that is playing for something more than just a season. They are playing to truly compete beyond the regular season.

Calgary still has 3 games remaining with everything up in the air. They can either keep pushing like they’ve continue to do since 2015 began, with a record of 23-13-4, or they can falter like many have speculated they will this whole season. One thing is for sure; their playoff hopes fall solely on their shoulders. As those of us continue looking from the outside in, I’d be the last to count this team out, as they are this year’s team for playing against all odds, while continuing to prove everyone else in the league wrong.


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