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The Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks have both been without their star players. Bulls without Derrick Rose since undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee on February 27th. On March 30th, Derrick returned to full-contact activities in practice. His return to the starting lineup is still unknown and the Bulls haven’t put a date out there yet. The team has eight games left and they currently sit at third place in the Eastern Conference with a 45-29 record. A tumblr_m0g2s0XBFn1r7nl81o1_500healthy Rose in the playoffs would be a huge advantage for the Bulls.

The Blackhawks have been without Patrick Kane since he suffered a fractured clavicle on February 24th. His 12-week timetable hasn’t changed since his injury, but the team is hoping for similar news with him like the Bulls have with Rose. Patrick Kane was tied for the league leads in points prior to his injury, with 27 goals and 37 assists in 61 games. The Blackhawks have gone 9-4-1 without Kane so far.

Even with some struggles, both Chicago teams look to be in a good place without their star players, but if both return healthy for playoffs, it could be a huge positive for both teams. The question is which Chicago team will go further in the playoffs this year? If you’re like me, you want to see the Chicago Bulls succeed after all they’ve been through. But the Blackhawks look to patrick_kanehave a better chance of going further in the playoffs. March 30th, the team defeated the defending Stanley Cup champions, Los Angeles Kings 4-1. Which was their first time meeting at the United Center since Los Angeles eliminated Chicago in overtime in game 7 of last year’s conference finals.

The Bulls haven’t been staying healthy like the Blackhawks have this season. I see the Chicago Blackhawks going further in the playoffs than the Chicago Bulls. They have been proving this season that they really want it and they have been struggling without Kane, but haven’t completely lost the momentum. The Blackhawks really have a chance to make it to the Stanley Cup finals this year; I just don’t see the Bulls making it to the NBA finals this year, at least. Of course, I would love to see both teams succeed because the city of Chicago deserves it. If only one team can come out on top this year though, it’s the Blackhawks. Both teams have really improved, but the Bulls have suffered more injuries this season than the Blackhawks. The Chicago Blackhawks seem to be in a better place to go further.


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