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The Manager Affect

emotionheader7094260204If you played or play sports, I’m sure you’ve had a coach or manager really affect you in a positive way. You get close to this person and you have a bond with this person the whole season. When I played softball, I became really close with my first coach. She ended up being my coach for more than one year because she kept drafting me after the first season. I have an outgoing personality now, but I wasn’t always like that. I was very shy when I first started playing. I hated making new friends or even talking to new people, but she understood that and let me adjust slowly. When my parents couldn’t make a game or I wasn’t able to get a ride from them, she would pick me up or drop me off. She would even buy me lunch or dinner after every game. She had a huge impact on my life back then because I was just the shy, quiet girl who wanted to be involved in sports somehow.

Not only was I apart of the team family, but she made me feel apart of her own family because I played alongside her two daughters. She had a great coaching style and never once made us feel bad about losing or playing horrible because she knew we would improve. I think that’s important because when you’re young, you’re having fun with sports, but still want to win. Not to say she wouldn’t lay down the law if we needed it. She was confident in our team and we really were successful thanks to her.

It’s safe to say, she was the reason I wanted to keep playing. So I did, but as I went into high school, I didn’t have the same feelings. I had another coach who yelled at the team for every mistake or loss. I wanted to continue playing, but it was no longer fun for me, it was a chore. No matter if you’re getting paid or not, I think every game you Joe Maddon introduced as new Chicago Cubs managerplay should be fun.

One of the reasons I’m so excited for baseball season is because of Joe Maddon. I’m a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan and I love his approach to the team. Yes, he takes his job seriously, but he still has fun with it. He has amazing enthusiasm and I haven’t heard one player complain about him. Everyone was excited when he was hired. He turns simple reporter questions into conversations.

Maddon plays music during stretching and always has a positive when asked about a negative. His fun demeanor coincides with the Cubs becoming more serious than ever about winning. He knows when to lay down the law though, which is important. When Edwin Jackson got lost driving to the ballpark, Maddon expressed his frustration; he knows when to be funny and when to be firm.

As a result to Joe Maddon’s coaching style, the Chicago Cubs not only look different but sound like a different team. Anthony Rizzo tumblr_njztflcgE31unu47so1_1280predicting an NL Central Title, Jon Lester getting mad at himself because he’s unhappy with his command pitching against minor leaguers, etc. Whether you’re a Chicago Cubs fan or not, you see a change in the team. A positive one, you see them more confident, which is what they really needed. Joe Maddon is to thank for that. When reading this, I know you had someone in mind that made you feel the way Joe Maddon makes his team feel or the way my coach made me feel. That is the manager affect, question is will it make a difference in the record at years end?

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  1. Vince Wiscons

    April 2, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    nice! Very relatable. If it wasn’t a coach, it was a teacher. Nice article.

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