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Romo Said He Would Take a Pay Cut, Now He Has.

In an interview with “The Ben & Skin Show” on 105.3 Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys said he would have been willing to take a pay cut in order to keep DeMarco Murray in a Cowboy uniform. Now, Fox Sports is reporting that Romo has restructered his contract to save Dallas about $13 million. Who will they target with there new found cash? Adrian Peterson immediately comes to mind.

On the radio show earlier this week Romo said, ““DeMarco ended up asking me, he was like ‘Why don’t you take a pay cut,’” Romo said. “I was like ‘I will! I would take a pay cut to go do this.’” Romo continued by saying, “I was like ‘They’re going to restructure,’ and that’s the same thing in some ways – for salary cap purposes. He was like “Ok, now we’re back to being friends again,” Romo said. “I was like ‘You’re really worried about me? I would take $5 million less if it meant getting you back.  Obviously, I’ll restructure. I would even take a pay cut.”

Romo is far and away the Cowboys’ most expensive player, with an average salary of $18 million and a 2015 salary cap hit of $27 million – nearly 20 percent of the team’s salary cap for the year. If he did take an outright pay cut, the restructure Romo was referring to could have freed up some salary cap space for the Cowboys to re-sign Murray. By restructuring the contract, Dallas could have converted most of Romo’s 2015 salary into a signing bonus, effectively reducing his cap hit to just $1 million and pushing the largest cost into the future.

Murray, who left the Cowboys three weeks ago for a five-year, $42 million contract in Philadelphia was a topic of conversation during the radio interview. When asked about Murray Romo answered, “I wanted DeMarco back, obviously. But at the same time, the team allocates money to positions and things of that nature,” he said. “I think they wanted him back, and obviously a team came in and gave him a great deal. And he deserves to make that decision, too. Obviously I’m saddened by the fact that he’s not a Dallas Cowboy, but that’s just part of playing the game in the NFL.”

Romo was also asked in the same interview as the franchise quarterback, did he feel comfortable using his influence in personnel decisions? To which the 35 year old quarterback replied, “I think I learned a while ago, you do your job. That helps everybody if you do that to the best of your abilities,” he said. “I think if you’re really good at something you can help in that environment, but I knew a long time ago I’m not very good with the salary cap, I’m not very good with player personnel decisions.”

But, that might not be entirely true. Fox sports is reporting that Romo did reduce his salary and will save the Dallas Cowboys an estimated $13 million for this season. Rolando McClain and the Cowboys did reached a one-year contract worth $3 million in base salary and another $1 million in playtime incentives earlier today, so some of that money was obviously spent there.

Was this just an elaborate scheme by the Cowboys to let a running back go who they knew would cash in on 1 year of good stats and 3 other sub-par years for a running back with off-field issues but a proven track record on the field? Cowboy’s fans let me hear you. Who would you rather have carrying the rock for you DeMarco Murray or Adrian Peterson?

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