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Cam Newton

Cam Newton, the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers and the current face of the franchise, is about to enter the final year of his contract and is hoping to get a new deal in the upcoming months. With quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck about to get mega deals, Newton is being very patient to see what the market has to offer him. Cam and the Panthers are said to be discussing a new contract as expected. He will re-sign with the team, but the trick is determining what he is worth. Will he get paid like Wilson or Luck even though he only saw a small amount of playoff time? Sources say Newton is content with taking his time for a new Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Pantherscontract in order to let the market reset after big contracts are given out. Reports are saying Russell Wilson is preparing to sign a shorter deal with fully guaranteed money. Cam Newton will not get that kind of deal, but he is willing to hold out so Carolina does not feel pressured to give him one. Dave Gettleman, the general manager has made it very clear that Cam will be around for a while, but the money is the tricky part. Cam Newton will be the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers next season, but we will see what kind of deal he gets in the upcoming months.


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