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Randy Gregory: Does Marijuana Really Matter?

Are players that use marijuana a threat?


Every year in the months and weeks leading up to the NFL draft there is an abundance of mocks, predictions, hyped needs, analysis and skepticism. Long ago the skepticism of players going into the NFL was the discussion of whether or not a player`s raw talent can transition into the NFL. That is still a very big discussion that occurs these days and as long as the NFL is around and drafts college players; it will never stop.

Another trend that will never stop in young and pro players that creates skepticism? Marijuana use!  In recent news Nebraska defensive player Randy Gregory has admitted and evidence revealed that he failed a drug test for marijuana at this year’s NFL combine in February.

So what does this make him? Some will say he is a risk, a risky player because if he is going to break the rules without a contract and during what is essentially a job interview, then what kind of threat will he pose when he has a multi-million dollar contract.

Randy Gregory`s marijuana use is no mystery or surprise to NFL scouts, teams or any coaching staff. Gregory has failed drug tests in the pass with the University of Nebraska, one in January 2014 and another in April of 2014.

Since the failed drug test he has still been interviewed by 29 NFL teams and if they did not bring it up, then he brought it up. The drug use is absolutely nothing new. Gregory has had these drug issues in the past and is still considered a top ten pick.

Why Does It Matter?

Our nation as a whole is becoming more and more susceptible to marijuana use. In the past it`s use was thought of as an overwhelming gateway and low personality. But even in those times of the past the most respected people in everybody`s lives and society was smoking behind closed doors. Years later, breakthrough with state laws for medicinal and recreational use have allowed our country to open up and think “Higher” of the use and it`s benefits; whether it is to help, treat, cure or just simply make you happy.

Randy Gregory is a college student and athlete, guess what? College kids smoke weed. Gregory has been using marijuana for years and the kid leaves those party favors at the party. When he comes to play, he plays and it shows because he is still a top ten pick.

Guess what? NFL Players smoke weed and all the time.

The NFL, fans, coaches should not judge someone`s character as a red flag because they have used marijuana. The only argument is discipline. You’re not allowed to do it by law, so it has it’s punishments. This is understandable. But that is as far as the argument for marijuana use should start and stop.

The NFL and all who is involved, even you as the fans have seen that players are going to use. These same players also contribute money to charity, make outstanding plays on the field, are great locker room leaders and fan favorites.

It is highly hypocritical of any NFL or coaching brass to extinguish a player`s chance because of marijuana, chances are they have used once, either occasionally or recreationally.

There is the old argument of side effects between Alcohol vs. Marijuana. If players were not allowed to drink alcohol of any kind, not a single player would be able to remain innocent. Alcohol is the root of many sexual abuse, rape, harassment, DUI, and domestic violence.

Someday in this country marijuana is more than likely going to be completely legal and when that day comes, policies will inevitably change in employment, big corporations, sports and possibly the military.

Players can play, smoke marijuana and not be any different except more happy with who they are.

Why is Randy Gregory thought of as a risk and drops in the draft, when Jameis Winston has been a repeat offender of breaking the law and is still the No. 1 overall pick?

As the players of the United Football League (USFL) used to say…NFL = No Fun League.

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