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MLB Announces New Rule For Final Day of Play

Major League Baseball announced a new rule that will be in effect for the final day of the season. MLB Chief Operating Officer Tony Petitti, made the announcement in an interview with the  Los Angeles Times. With the move MLB hopes to “maximize” the day, in the event that multiple meaningful games go down to the wire. And as a baseball fan, I hope multiple games do go down to the wire, on the final day of play in the regular season.

That day will not occur until October 4th this season, but the rule change could have a two fold effect. The new rule is that all the games will start at the same time on the final day. Some of you may be thinking that this rule change will be meaningless, and quite honestly, it could. But, until that day comes we will just dive into what it could mean, and how this could in fact, “maximize” the 2015 regular season.

“If a game impacts another game, they’re all occurring at the same time, so no team would be put into a lame-duck situation because their fate already had been decided by an earlier result,” Petitti told the newspaper. On the other hand the simultaneous start also could disadvantage teams firmly in the playoff mix. Previously, if the game they were involved in had a later start time they could have reacted to the results of earlier games to determine which pitchers to start — whether they needed to throw out their ace in an attempt to gain better seeding by clinching a division title, essentially wasting their #1 and making it to where that pitcher would then have to wait until game 2 or game 3 to pitch in the play-offs, for example.

This new rule could add an interesting wrinkle to the final day of the regular season, or all the wrinkles may be ironed out before we even get to that point.

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