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Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints traded both Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, but will they trade star quarterback Drew Brees too? They are coming off a disappointing season (7-9) and they missed the playoffs. It was expected that they were going to make moves in the off season, but no one expected Drew_Brees_Saints_2008Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills to be traded. Those trades could cause issues for Drew Brees. He is already coming off a rough season and losing two of his best weapons isn’t good news. If Drew is really upset with these moves, will the Saints be looking to trade him next? The Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets could be the teams that’ll come into play if Brees gets put on the chopping block. With the moves the Saints have made, they seem as though they are looking to rebuild completely. They currently have Drew Brees locked in for two more seasons on his current deal. And with the recent moves, will they be able to realistically complete in those last two years he is signed? He is still an elite quarterback, even though last season was a bit of a downer.

Not saying that New Orleans will trade him, but they will need to gain interest around the league before they pull the trigger. If they get a good deal out of it, it may be worth doing. If not, why force it? Drew Brees seemed shocked by the Graham trade and that could have caused problems. Usually that’s the type of news a team would tell their franchise quarterback. The last thing you want is trust issues between the two parties. The New Orleans saints need to be careful with this situation, but they will need to explore all their options. The Saints could still compete for a Super Bowl with Drew Brees has their quarterback, but we will see what moves they make throughout the course of the off-season.


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