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WWE Executives Receive Raises

Have you ever wondered what the big executives behind the scenes at WWE are bringing home per year? Have you ever wondered what the big time executives you see on television are making a year? According to Greg Beck of Wrestling the WWE 2014 yearly performance report was recently released. And based on the good fortunes of the numbers contained therein, the WWE executives are getting healthy raises in 2015.

Here are the list of names and salaries.

The President of WWE Studios Michael Luisi who at the helm oversaw the release of 7 different movies in 2014 will receive a raise from $600,ooo to $624,000. The 7 movies that released were; Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania MysteryOculusRoad to PalomaLeprechaun: Origins, featuring Hornswoggle See No Evil 2, featuring Kane Queens of the Ring, featuring The Miz, CM Punk and Eve Torresand Jingle All the Way 2 featuring Santino Marella.


Chief Strategy and Financial Officer George Barrios.

George Barrios has been Chief Strategy and Financial Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. since November 2013 and served as its Principal Accounting Officer. Mr. Barrios served as the Chief Financial Officer at World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. since March 24, 2008. He oversees financial, accounting and investor relations strategies and activities and its IT, Facilities and Travel groups. He is getting a raise from $700,000 to $728,000, he is 48 years of age.

Next we have Kevin Dunn, who owns quite a few shares in the sports entertainment juggernaut that is WWE. He actually did not get a raise from last year, his salary will stay the same at $825,000. Kevin Dunn has been with the WWE for over 20 years, and his father was employed by Vince McMahon Sr. as well. Kevin was instrumental in such WWE pioneering as Saturday Night Main Event and the benchmark of all wrestling programs, WrestleMania. You also need to remember that he has a hand in every television show WWE produces. Over 7 hours of programming per week with no reruns.

The COO of WWE, Triple H.

The COO of WWE, Triple H.

Paul Levesque’s salary for 2015 is going to be $577,500. I am not sure if he actually owns stock in the company that would increase that salary. But I am sure he is getting a healthy paycheck for his upcoming match at WrestleMania 31 with Sting which is not counted in the previous figure that we gave.

Lastly there is Vince McMahon himself. He is receiving a base salary of $1,250,000 which is an increase from $1,184,000 that he recieved last year. Again, this is his base salary. He is a majority stock owner, he receives incentive bonuses and money off talent as well. So he is worth quite alot more and earns quite alot more than just that base salary.

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