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WWE Raw Highlights

We are only weeks away from the biggest event of the year, for WWE fans worldwide, and Raw has provided us some more insight into what we can expect at Wrestlemania 31. As always, I have chosen my top 3 moments from this week’s episode and will go over them with you. In actuality I just can’t narrow it down to 3 this week, so I am going to call an editorialaudible and go with my top 4! So without further ado, let’s get to it shall we?

1. The Viper strikes again!

Clearly fans have expected Rando Orton to complete his face turn ever since his return at Fastlane, but the WWE has not given in so easily. This week started off no differently, as Randy was once again teamed with fellow Authority member Seth Rollins against Roman Reigns.

Randy Orton has turned his back on The Authority

Randy Orton has turned his back on The Authority

Of course we had the obligitory tease with Orton singling out each of his fellow Authority members and belittling them accordingly, only to retract his remarks immediately afterwards. The match itself was mere fodder for the most part until the end where  Orton refused Rollins tag attempt by flipping him both middle fingers (which of course fan friendly WWE refused to show on tv) resulting in Reigns getting the win with his signature spear. After the match, Orton finally snapped and took out his 5 months of frustration and aggression out on Rollins in a very convincing beatdown of epic proportions. Orton threw Rollins into the barricade several times, got in numerous stiff chair shots and ended it all on the announcers table with a flawlessly executed RKO! Finally we have our completed turn from Orton, which will most likely lead to a match between the two at WM31. It took the Viper a little longer than expected to strike, but he has and with vicious impudence towards Rollins.

2. Bray Wyatt gets an unexpected response from The Deadman

Bray Wyatt has been calling out the Undertaker for several weeks now but had yet to receive any type of acknowledgement from the Deadman. That is of course until Raw, where we saw some very impressive special effects along with some well timed theme music to finally announce the presence of The Undertaker.

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Wyatt refers to himself as the new face of fear, and proceeded to bring our attention to the urn on the table that contains the Undertaker’s powers. The audience is immediately let down when Wyatt open the urn only to reveal an empty vessile. However, upon setting the urn back on the table we are witness to the spectacle of smoke eminating out of the top and we see lightning all around the inside of the arena. The Undertaker’s music begins and the fans erupt to the sound of the bell ringing associated with his presence. The Titan Tron flashes the message, “Wrestlemania: The man comes around”, and we hear a familiar voice ominously say, “You will rest in peace”followed by a bolt of lightning striking Wyatt’s rocking chair in the ring and lighting it on fire! The theatrics during this segment were very impressive, to me, and most certainly got the type of reaction from the crowd that The Undertaker warrants at this point in his illustrious career. Wyatt’s reaction to the Undertaker’s dramatic response is priceless, as he maniacally laughs at the sight of it all!

3. John Cena aggressively forces Rusev’s hand

It is my opinion that John Cena has been one of the most consistent Superstars when it comes to producing solid promos for many years, and he didn’t let us down this week. In fact, we were privilege to seeing a side of Cena that many pundits have been waiting for as he aggressively warned Rusev and then did exactly what he stated he would. Rusev is warned by Cena backstage that any negativity towards America and Cena will defend his country proudly. Rusev completely squashes Curtis Axel and begins to belittle America after the match, saying that if America had a spine it would be made of jello and if we had a heart it would be full of disease.

Can John Cena end Rusev's streak?

Can John Cena end Rusev’s streak?

To no ones surprise, Cena appears from backstage and sprints down to the ring where he and Rusev exchange several blows before Cena is able to aggressively apply his STFU until Rusev passes out. Cena grabs a bottle of water and pours it on Rusev to revive him, only to immediately re-apply the STFU again forcing Rusev to tap out repeatedly to no avail. Seeing that her man was in danger, Lana grabbed a microphone and pleaded with Cena to release the hold, going so far as to offer him the U.S. Title match at WM31 at which point Cena releases the hold and produces his million dollar smile for all to see! It was a refreshing, albeit rather heelish, twist to the psychology of Cena’s typical integrity above all else character traits. We can only hope that we see more of this, as a far more aggressive Cena gives him so much more depth from a creative standpoint.

4.  Introducing Damien Wizdow

A few weeks ago I gave my prestigious Ahhhh, Push Him award to Damien Sandow in recognition of his solid work as the lovable stunt double Mizdow. So, here we are a few weeks removed and that push is happening right before our eyes! This week The Miz was trying to collaborate with special guest Wiz Khalifa, only to find out that Wiz had already started working with someone else.

Sandow stands up to The Miz

Sandow stands up to The Miz

Of course his ‘A’ Lister is the one and only Damien Wizdow who busts into a rather hilarious rap where he basically tells The Miz that he is choosing to ignore his wishes and will infact enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It’s refreshing to see the humor that Sandow has been able to bring to this angle and I am glad that my prophetic words have come true. I feel that Sandow can really be a major player as a mid-card performer, if booked properly, and the WWE needs more like him.


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