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Rams Fans: Divided or United?

Two Fan Bases Separated by 2,000 miles, There Should Be Only One Thing in Common…


The return of an NFL team to “The City of Angels” seems more and more inevitable with each growing week. The Los Angeles stadium wars are under way between Stan Kroenke`s project for the assumed St. Louis Rams or possible lease to another team. And the San Diego Chargers along with Oakland Raiders are now friends with benefits, both having L.A. stadium plans together. For the last 20 years Los Angeles has been a pro-football ghost town, ever since the Gateway to the West kidnapped the Rams.

As of late, the stadium in Inglewood broke ground, the longtime loyal #Ramilia has been throwing up its pride as the New Rams World Order. You cannot blame these fans for being excited of the growing possibilities in front of them. If the true blue has been rams fans of a franchise that was once theirs and moved, all these years ago, then there is no other option but to have mad respect for them. Especially if they were true to the rams this whole time and during their greatest moments and darkest days in St. Louis. Honestly up until now the thought of Rams fans in L.A. seemed extinct.

Ramilia has taken their excitement to social media via Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. Since the Inglewood city council, which was actually more of a tailgate party.

Then you have the St. Louis fans, some might feel like they are being overwhelmed, back doored, with the possible move being rubbed in their face. Some of the L.A. Fans are beginning to troll the STL fans on social media. There are fan base turf war`s underway on the internet message boards. This is not good!

L.A. Rams loayl, loby`s for the return of their team

L.A. Rams loayl, loby`s for the return of their team

Fan bases are to be untied no matter where they are at in the country, but the Rams fans are a special breed. The breed involves a lot of factors. This fan base can argue over different factors that might entice them to bragging rights.

Los Angeles

This fan base had owned the Rams from 1946-1994, 38 years is almost double the time St. Louis has owned them. L.A. is home to some of the greatest Rams who have ever played with the franchise such as RB Erick Dickerson, OT Jack Slater, DE Deacon Jones and DE Jack Youngblood. The Rams in L.A. housed the “Fearsome Foursome” 1963-1969 which consisted of players Rosey Grier, Merlin Olsen, Deacon Jones, and Lamar Lundy. The L.A. Rams won 7 straight Divisional Championships, 1 NFC Championship…but no Super Bowls. L.A. Ramilia has a lot to love and be proud of with their former Rams, which makes sense why the true fans could never let them go, no matter what the name of the city they reside in currently.

St. Louis

Just like their sister fans in L.A. the Lou has a lot of Ram accolades to be proud of and brag about. The St. Louis fan base inherited a horrible zero relevance franchise when they moved to the city in 1995. The state of the franchise was a huge factor in the easy move to St. Louis. The citizens of St. Louis were ecstatic, but yet unapologetic about the reception of taking another city`s team as they felt the pain years earlier when the Cardinals moved to Arizona. It was the city of St. Louis that built the “Greatest Show on Turf”. This team rostered Rams greats such as WR Isaac Bruce, WR Torry Holt, QB Kurt Warner, and RB Marshall Faulk. Every single one of these players are franchise greats and candidates for the Hall of Fame with Marshall Faulk who is already in the Canton halls. The St. Louis Rams went on a tear in the late 90`s and early 2000`s lead by Head Coach Dick Vermeil. This team mustered 3 Divisional Championships, 2 NFC Championships, 2 Super Bowl appearances and 1 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP. The move to St. Louis was apparently the destiny of the franchise to succeed but only momentarily.

St. Louis Ram,RB, Marshall Faulk

St. Louis Ram,RB, Marshall Faulk

There was never any guarantee that the “Greatest Show on Turf” would have played like it did, if it was in L.A.; plus L.A. did not even have turf. Not only that but St. Louis continued to show love and respect for L.A. Rams legends, regardless of the city. Just as L.A. will do for St. Louis greats in the event of a move.

The Rams have not made a playoff appearance since 2004 (This seems to not affect the L.A. fans). The state of the franchise has become mundane. Now the organization is facing another move back to their previous city in almost the same fashion as how they got to St. Louis in the first place.

The St. Louis fans and the L.A. fans all deserve credit. One for the Fans of L.A., being loyal to another city when they have been flat out awful. The other to the St. Louis fans who have built their pride and have never let it go ever since the “Greatest Show on Turf” and still manage to pile into the huge garage located in downtown St. Louis known as the Jones Dome.

Regardless of what happens. The Rams move, stay, or St. Louis gets another team. If you are Ramily then stay united no matter the “Turf” because they all have something in their “Blue & Gold” veins to cheer for, you should cheer together, YOU WILL CHEER TOGETHER. Even if you are 2,000 miles apart.

P.S. It was Cleveland who originally owned the Rams beginning in 1937-1942.

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