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Matthew Stafford has been busy this off-season. Stafford has made a commitment to the city of Detroit in the renovation and refurbishing of the Lipke Recreation Center, with a 1 million dollar donation. The project combines athletics and academics for young Detroit males and females between 8 and 18 years of age. “I’ve been behind the scenes doing quite a few things in the city but was looking for the right opportunity to put my name on something that I felt was truly stafford-article-012715important and was going to make a difference,” Matthew Stafford said during a press conference to announce the project. Matthew has been the Lions quarterback for 6 years now and has made a 10 year commitment to the project. “It’s not just one year, this is the long haul. I’ve got to get this thing looking right.” Matthew told the crowd that ranged from teens to seniors. Stafford said it was a perfect fit for him and he believes it’ll be a great thing for the community.

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