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2015 St. Louis Cardinals; Team DNA Can Transform Prospects

The St. Louis Cardinals Have a Long Tradition Producing Super Stars & Nothing`s Changed

The 2015 MLB season is so close but yet so far. Oh well at least the weather could get warmer. Soon the Cardinals will be getting underway and manager Mike Matheny has his eyes on a ton of young talent. There’s always that “Cardinal Way” rookie that can play Mathenyism Baseball and locker room, which punch a ticket to the opening day roster for the reigning National League Central Champions and NLCS runner -ups. The Cardinals definitely will not have a flawless and easy spring training down in Jupiter, Florida.

The team is getting younger and has an abundance of prospects and minor leaguers that may be deemed ready to go upstate from Memphis.  The cardinals are still pretty much the same team as last year, in fact they may be better. The Cardinals baseball law does not apply to other franchises. Despite any lingering unknown results from free agents, trades or releases; or growing pain surprises  they are still a solid contender for winning the NL Central and going deep into the post-season; as they always do with whatever the roster bolster`s.


The ups and downs of spring training will mainly affect the emotions and hopes of the young prospects such as RHP Marco Gonzalez. Who has been widely talked about, and the gossip is he may end up on the starting rotation sometime this year. Gonzalez, did have 31k in his 4 major appearances last year. The outfield has unfortunately been thrown` a “curveball” ever since MLB top prospect OF Oscar Taveras was tragically killed in a car accident last October. GM John Mozeliak did find a great Band-Aid for the position, in none other than former Brave Jason Heyward.

No. 1 OF prospect and 2012 1st round pick Stephen Piscotti is the possible long term target for the clubs RF hole in 2016. Piscotti has the chance to be a .300 hitter in the Major Leagues. His swing is more geared toward hitting line drives than home runs, but he should be able to supply average power along with his high average. The cards during this month of March are not just looking to shake the rust off, it’s about assessing the future. This is an art of sustainment that has been passed down from manger to manger over the last 50 years. The Cardinals are all about prospects and not paying the national debt to obtain a Free Agent.

Cardinals, OF, Prospect Stephen Piscotti

Cardinals, OF, Prospect Stephen Piscotti


This spring training we are expected to see more flourishment of the developing RHP Carlos Martinez. He is very much supported by the fans, as they have not forgotten his sneaky attacks and pitching in the 2013 Playoffs. Last year was supposed to be his breakout year, but unfortunately he was never able to get his control or emotions intact. The fifth-spot is available in the rotation, if he is going to break out as a cardinals starter, it will be this year. If not then Marco Gonzalez is right behind him.

How about last year’s prospects that broke out and are on top their game coming into 2015. Last year 2B Kolten Wong  started the spring  0-10 in Jupiter, then all of a sudden turned the “mustard” on and went 10-10 with a couple of jacks, RBIs and extra base hits but, he did not stop there. He continued this momentum for the entire year and has quickly plugged himself into an “anything can happen” player amongst the fans. Wong has proven himself and he is currently a prime example of player development within the club.

Cardinals 2014 breakout player, 2B, Kolten Wong

Cardinals 2014 breakout player, 2B, Kolten Wong

Jon Jay, another Cardinal baby will be around for a couple more years as he has proven to be a reliable “do-it all” player.  Jay has displayed great qualities of speed and batting against RHP. Then there is his counterpart that he will share time with, Peter Bourjos last year provided an outfield talent show of  plus defense. Bourjos never failed to dive, extend, chase, track, speed or find the ball in his glove and defy some laws of physics in the process. So far he has been a cheap and efficient move from the David Freese trade to Anaheim last year.

Regardless of any struggles or doubt that may cloud the Cardinals early in the year, They are still the favorite to win the national league central and move on to turn heads in the playoffs. In fact they may have a new toy to play with known as the Chicago Cubs and their expensive upgraded roster. Surely the birds will traditionally just find ways to frustrate the expensive players and the cub’s fans like they have since any of us were born. This year the roster is deep, more developed, and the prospects are going to be turning it up for a chance to contribute to baseball heaven. They have great odds with the club to be put in situations that will turn them into unsung heroes. A chance for the baby birds to come out of the nest as they always do when Cardinal nation has called upon their services.

The one element that the organization has going for it that most other clubs do not have is…Magic. That`s right baseball magic, this is the number one ingredient in the ball clubs freakish DNA. I`ve seen it, you`ve seen it, the whole country has seen it and they are jealous. Nobody likes the Cardinals. That’s because they wish their team would play, build and manage a baseball team…THE CARDINAL WAY!!


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    March 6, 2015 at 1:16 am

    Absolutely not intresting article. How can you write this.

    • Tony Hewitt

      March 9, 2015 at 10:16 pm

      with a tag name like Arizona Cardinals I would not expect you to be interested. If you a St. Louis Cardinals fan than I am sorry you do not see the relevance in it.

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