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Rey Mysterio is no longer under contract with the WWE. To me it is no big deal. His in ring style grew old after the first couple of years. When, as a wrestler, you do the same five or six moves over and over again, you become predictable and boring. I mean don’t get me wrong, the moves he did were cool the first 10-15 times I saw them. But to me there is nothing worse than watching a match and knowing what moves are coming before they actually happen. His mic skills are just average and The only thing he has working for him is the little man syndrome.

Rob Van Dam is also in this same boat. Both of those gentleman have a real small box for the creative teams to work with. Both of these performers, if you follow their careers, you would see that they perform for a while and then they take breaks to reset themselves only to come back and do the exact same thing. Case in point, Mysterio has not been on television since the day after WrestleMania XXX in a loss. They do not have depth in their characters they are basically one trick pony’s.

But, Rey will not be unemployed for very long. He will be joining AAA most likely with Lucha Underground where he will join Alberto El Patron (Del Rio). And to give him credit his overall WWE record was 824- 335 with a Royal Rumble win that he rode into a win the following WrestleMania as champion.

Bottom line WWE will not miss him, but Lucha Underground will be happy to have him. Mysterio will not make me stop watch WWE nor will it make me watch Lucha Underground.

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