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Ahhhh, Push Him

The time has come again for me to reflect upon who I feel has been raising the bar lately in the WWE and deserves to rewarded with a favorable push towards a higher existence on the Superstar roster.

WWE Superstar Damien Sandow

WWE Superstar Damien Sandow

Last week I praised the work put in by Damien Sandow as he has been doing a remarkable job following around The Miz as an under appreciated stunt double. This week I have taken the work of many Superstars into consideration as I have been impressed by Nikki Bella, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, and Daniel Bryan. But the winner of this weeks coveted award is none other than The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. It’s no secret that Ambrose has developed a rather devoted cult following, as his break neck style and renegade attitude are very easy to appreciate. He reminds me a bit of the great Stone Cold Steve Austin in this regard. We have a Superstar who makes it clear that he will put himself through anything that it takes to accomplish his goal, and sneers in the face of authority. His hard work and dedication over the past few months really deserves to be rewarded with an extended Intercontinental Championship run.

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose

While I was a little disappointed that his angle with the aforementioned Wyatt ended so abruptly, I am glad to see that he has been given a chance to steer towards a storyline with a better long term payoff in the end. While I am not a huge fan of Bad News Barrett, I do consider him to be a more than adequate worker, especially when given an opponent with a style conducive to maximizing what he is capable of. Given the fact that Barrett has been losing so frequently lately, albeit in non title matches, I can foresee him dropping the strap at Wrestlemania 31. Also, taking into account that Barrett regained the IC Title relatively quickly following his return from

injury, I am going to predict that the WWE does indeed pass the IC Title to another hungry competitor on the roster. I feel that Dean Ambrose would be the right choice for this endeavor, especially in the eyes of the fans that support him on a weekly basis. WWE has just announced that Barrett will defend his IC title at WM31 in a multi-Superstar Ladder match, with likely challengers being Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth. Ziggler recently had the IC Title only to swap it with The Miz all too frequently. I am a fan of Ziggler, but just cannot see him having another chance at holding the belt this time around and R-Truth has been introduced to this angle too abruptly for me to reasonably believe that his stars will align at the biggest show of the year. All signs point to Ambrose being the one to get the job done, and as a result help to vault the prestige of the IC Title right back up to the second most desirable belt in the promotion.

Could this be a  sneak preview of what we can expect after the Ladder Match at WM31?

Could this be a sneak preview of what we can expect after the Ladder Match at WM31?

The WWE creative team has so many options with which to choose from with Ambrose, but heres hoping that they make the right choices and do not relegate him to the purgatory that many mid-card Superstars are currently enduring (e.g. Ryback, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler). Dean Ambrose is a hot commodity with the WWE Universe and the creative team should take full advantage of this and ride this wave of momentum all the way to the bank.

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