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The Bears and Cutler

NFL Player Jay CutlerJay Cutler. Keep him? Let him go? John Fox and Ryan Pace have been keeping quiet about Cutler’s fate, but do the Chicago Bears really have any other options? Sure, Jay isn’t a top 5 quarterback, but he is definitely in the top 15. He didn’t have a great year, but no one on the team did either. Ryan Pace did say Jay is talented so why should the Bears cut loose their best option to win? What about a trade? Well who would the Bears get? They wouldn’t be able to get anything above a third rounder. What about releasing him and being done with it? Well anything is possible in the NFL. The Chicago Bears could always draft a quarterback, yes. I don’t think they’re going to go that route, at least not as a starter. Defense is where they should be focusing.

Last option is free agents. Mark Sanchez and Brian Hoyer have been brought up; they are the only two top quarterbacks on the free agent market. But Cutler has won and can win. Also word is that Adam Gase and Jay Cutler are very close, which is why I don’t see him leaving. Jay Cutler is the Chicago Bears’ best option to win and with a new coaching staff, this could be what he needs. The Bears should keep Cutler, at least keep him for the 2015 season. We don’t know what Fox and Pace will do in the next upcoming months though.

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