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Missouri Basketball Owns SEC`s Other Streak

Men’s basketballs in the SEC are setting historic records for the best and the worst.

We all know that UK out of the SEC is making strides to an undefeated season. For Kentucky it will not stop there, the team will fight to win the entire season and tournament without losing a single game. Everybody knows about Kentucky’s great season and probability to make history, we know they are the best men’s basketball team in the country.

What a great majority of people do not know or realize, is about the other streak in the SEC. The conference also houses the NCAA worst basketball team in the BIG 5 (SEC, ACC, PAC-12, BIG 10, BIG-12). The Missouri Tigers are sitting at a 7-19 record. A loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks recently pushed the team to 12 straight losses. Sadly the last time the Tigers can remember a win, assuming they even have a great memory, was a victory 74-67 OT over the LSU Tigers back on January 8th. Some (lazy) people still had Christmas lights up the last time Mizzou could say they are better than the other.

The Tigers are setting their losing season and record this season at an historic pace. The team that first year Coach Kim Anderson has inherited is losing like no other Tiger team has accomplished since the Vietnam War consumed the country and Lynden B. Johnson was president.

For fans of Mizzou and the players the (historical) losing streak almost has to feel like a supernatural anomaly. This is a school, usually that is very well known as a competitive basketball program. The program has not been on a level like Kentucky, but not long it was ranked No.3 in the country just 3 years ago. Every year Tiger fans look forward to basketball. Even mediocre seasons there are not much skepticism. A year that has Mizzou losing for a month strait and putting together a streak that has a chance of .000244834 is flat our supernatural.

As Kim Anderson came in to replace Frank Haith, everybody knew and felt that this was going to be a re-building year, not a demolition. The expectations of the Tigers even in a rebuilding year are competitive. This losing streak does not help with rebuilding; it makes it worse with recruiting and publicity.

If you were to examine the roster, it will show that the Tigers have 7 freshman and 2 sophomores. That is 9 players with no more than 2 years of playing time at the college level. Mizzou has lost incredible players almost all at once. In 2012 the Tigers housed players such as Marcus Denmon 17.7 PPG, Kim English 14.5 PPG, and Mike Dixon 13.5 PPG. Even last year, that’s right the season before this, the Tigers had Jabari Brown 19.5 PPG, Jordan Clarkson 17.5 PPG and Earnest Ross 14.0 PPG. Both of those teams starting three were putting up at least 8 points more than each of this year’s Kentucky starting 3. It is too soon to say that Missouri has lost all of its talent, because really they do not  know what they have in their freshman long term. It is safe to say that the NBA took a huge withdrawal from the Missouri Tigers and left them broke with pennies (freshman).

Their best point producer is sophomore Jon Williams is only putting up 12.9 PPG!! It is a waiting game now for Coach Anderson his program to continue to recruit, focus on other angles of development and team chemistry. The team will grow together and become competitive again, just as Missouri always does, but it will not be very soon. Missouri only needs 1 more loss to set the worst losing streak record in school history. At least the young Tigers are finding something historical to accomplish together. That is the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a train!

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