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Same Old Shtick for the New Day

I remember when the WWE was teaming these three guys at house shows, before they ever debuted on television. They were getting lots of chatter on social media. I was excited to see Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E team up. The first few weeks were alright, but as a fan you just kept waiting for that next big thing, or that next element to the team that was going to make the relevant. But as of right now, it has not happened. And I don’t understand why?

New Day Member Xavier woods.

New Day Member Xavier woods.

The WWE does not even think they are relevant. They have shown that by booking them on the last two pre-shows of the last two pay-per-views. That basically signals that the WWE thinks they are close and have potential, but they are not sure how to push them over the top and give them that boost that they so desperately need.

New Day member Big E.

New Day member Big E.

The quickest way to make them relevant is to give them a forth member. Another black man, who has credibility and is a veteran. A man with a mean streak who would kind of push the three younger wrestlers and put them under his proverbial wing. I have the perfect guy, and his name is Mark Henry. They could become the new Nation of Domination. And wreak havoc on the tag team division in WWE. They would cheat, play dirty, but always win. You could generate real heat on them, and eventually have them join The Authority. Or, if you want to keep them as more of a face tag team, simply add Luke Harper to Big Show, Kane, and Seth Rollins and have a long program with those eight superstars battling one another.

New Day member Kofi Kingston.

New Day member Kofi Kingston.

You would eventually have to break them up, but even in doing that you could split them into two good tag teams and have them fight over the tag team titles. You could have Mark Henry and Xavier Woods vs. Kofi and Big E. And whichever team has the better chemistry, and you want to keep together for a while longer, simply let them win and split up the other tag team in singles wrestlers.

The New Day could be reborn, with a shout and an Amen! But right now they are as boring as a monotone pastor with the same message every week.


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