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Ahhhh, Push Him

Ladies and Gentleman it is time for another installment of our favorite article Ahhhh, Push him, where I choose a WWE Superstar that I feel deserves a little more support and promotion based upon their recent work both inside and outside of the ring. As always, feedback is always appreciated and will be taken into consideration.

This week’s winner of the Ahhhh, Push Him award is a performer that has been in the spotlight quite a bit recently but I feel deserves something bigger and better. So without further ado, the recipient of my coveted award is….Damien Sandow. Let’s be honest, Sandow was turning in a very hilarious, and usually spot on, impersonation of a different WWE Superstar each week prior to his partnership with The Miz. However, there is a huge difference between being a comedic jobber week in and week out as opposed to a legitimate title contender that must be taken seriously by both fans and other Superstars. In the months since he has become the vaunted stunt double to The Miz, Sandow has not only been spot on with his impersonation and actions but has actually become the preferred performer that the fans would rather see. Of course

WWE Superstar Damien Sandow

WWE Superstar Damien Sandow

The Miz has become increasingly aware of this in recent weeks, and is starting to take his frustrations out on his more popular protege. How much longer will Sandow continue to endure the abuse of his colleague before he has had enough. It seems to reason that these two will match up at Wrestlemania 31 in what would be an enormous stepping stone for Sandow to vault up a few levels on the roster among stars like Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Sheamus. Not only does this benefit Sandow and his career, but it helps the WWE gain yet another superstar capable of stealing the show in all regards when called upon to do so. The momentum, credibility and crowd support that Sandow can gain by defeating The Miz could be carried towards a bigger challenge like perhaps a potential run at the IC Championship. Given his recent performances I doubt that Sandow would fail to prove that he deserved the push towards a higher  existence on the WWE Superstar ladder.

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