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Walking the Plank in Tampa Bay

With no disrespect to former Bucs QB Josh McCown, it is now much better that he is released from the team, than staying. If he stayed for a second year would it negate them from taking a QB high in the draft? Would there be another stale season of QB controversy?

Most likely with the $10Million on MCowns`s side the franchise would continue feeling obligated to get more out of him. This would probably lead to more of Mike Glennon`s growth and potential becoming stunted.

No worries Bucs fans (at least for now) because McCown is gone, Glennon is still on the team and it helps that the organization saved roughly an additional $5million in cap space. Now the question is did the Bucs really back themselves into a corner to draft a QB with that #1 overall pick? And if that is their deision must it be either Winston or Mariota, now that they have released McCown?

Former Bucs QB Josh McCown hangs his head after a loss to the Packers

Former Bucs QB Josh McCown hangs his head after a loss to the Packers

Lovie and GM Jason Licht right now are just playing the game with what they can afford to play with. Letting go of McCown was no huge loss, but it may have been a great gain. A gain that is not just about the money, but will now shake other QB needy teams to start thinking. The Bucs hold the most leverage in the draft on day one. Lovie and Jason can play all of the “Smoke and Mirror” games they want, to get what they want. But, one could argue that McCown was released because he was flat out unproductive.  The 35-year-old McCown went 1-10 as a starter and had the second-lowest passer rating in the NFL after signing a two-year, $10 million contract with the Bucs last winter. This move may lead other teams into thinking that the Bucs are in need of a QB [more than ever]. There are a handful of other teams that would consider moving up to grab either Winston or Mariota, such as the Eagles, Jets, Rams, and Texans Etc. Now that McCown is gone the value of the pick increases overall and for other QB desperate teams.

So what are Lovie and Jason going to do with this pick? It might do the franchise more good by trading the No.1 overall pick to a needy team for a ‘King`s Ransom’. The extra picks would allow for more growth of the organization. If the team acquired a multitude of picks from a trade, do not be surprised to see some high end O-Line and/or defensive picks this year in the draft. The team went all offensive position players last year, so now expect more balance this year. With extra picks the team could still possibly get it`s QB in someone like Baylor`s QB Bryce Petty in the second or third round.

If the Bucs do draft a QB No.1 overall, this will create a “Money Talks” attitude for the fans and might possibly stunt the growth of Mike Glennon, even if he were to be the named starter of the season. You got to remember that Glennon is familiar with his offensive line. Can you imagine putting a rookie behind the current line, which allowed 52 sacks last year? Ouch! Now you’re risking your high investment.

Mike is already an established QB in the organization and amonst fans. Who in a four win season in 2013 had 19 TD`s and 9 INT. which,by the numbers makes a good case for him to be considered the best QB to come out of the 2013 draft.

Glennon can have an opportunity with Dirk Koetter as the team`s new offensive coordinator. The kind of offense that Koetter ran with Matt Ryan

Bucs QB Mike Glennon in action during a win against the Redskins

Bucs QB Mike Glennon in action during a win against the Redskins

would be a great fit for Glennon. This will be Glennon`s third year and those are the do-or-die years for new NFL players.

The Buccaneers have fallen into a good situation in the draft. This may not be the deepest QB class but it has been the most awaited. The buccaneers have the first overall pick with 2 of the most anticipated QB`s for years on the board in front of them. One just happens to have a record of 29-1 and a national championship. Bucs fans are in the same collegiate market and are very familiar with Florida State’s Winston. The other has appeared in two title games in Marcus Mariota. It only pays to lose when it gives you complete control of the #1 pick in the draft.

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    March 8, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Good post. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

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