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Tiger Woods, maybe or maybe not?

“There are no coincidences” Shamefully I steal this quote from Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a character played by Mark Harmon on the CBS television show NCIS. Although used in a TV series I believe the statement has a lot of substance and truth in it. Other phrases that could be applicable if you prefer would be “something smells rotten in Denmark” or if it looks like a duck walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it’s a duck. At the end of the day, no matter what phrase you prefer to attach to this article, there is a lot of food for thought and should leave you wondering. tigersky

Recently Tiger Woods on his web site announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from the game of golf, well we have heard that before. He also said that he would not return until his game was totally tournament ready and he was 100% healthy, and we have heard that as well. In fact over the years Tiger Woods has said a lot of things many times and rarely do they come to fruition. The most memorable was the February 19th of 2009 press conference, when he was doing damage control, that he would be a better man and a better role model on the course. Well we know how that turned out, after six months or so he was back to being the same old Tiger. Personally, he didn’t need to apologize publicly and I don’t care if Tiger feels the need to cuss and rearrange earth with his golf clubs in anger after bad shots. I find it to be pathetic and irritating when players do that but it is within their right and athletes are passionate, maybe this is why they are great athletes and I just write about them. What I do have a problem with is Tiger saying what he doesn’t mean to maintain his image. Over the years Tiger has done a lot of this to help protect his brand and remain in the spotlight. And seriously, how many times does he feel the need to limp, grab his back and hitch a ride on a golf cart while the TV camera’s are on, can you say “Drama Queen”.  The sad part is this has put into question the credibility and integrity of one of the best if not the best golfer of all time.

All of this started me thinking when did things start going bad for Tiger Woods. People could theorize that when he lost his father in May of 2006 Tiger may have lost part of himself.

Tiger Woods and his father.

Tiger Woods and his father.

It is well publicized that his father was a great mentor and with him gone perhaps some of Tiger’s conscience and ethics went with him. You could go back to November 26th of 2009 when Tiger’s then wife, Elan, hit the 4 iron heard around the world upon learning her husband could not say no to cocktail waitresses and porn stars. I have even theorized everything changed in August of 2009 when at the PGA Championship. Like what Rocky Balboa did to the Russian fighter in Rocky IV, Y.E. Yang cut and made Tiger Woods bleed. Tiger discovered he was not a machine but just a man that day when Yang went toe to toe with him in the final pairing and beat him in a major. Taking a look at the numbers some or none of these reasons could be the cause for the spiraling of Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods won his last major championship in June of 2008 (remember that year) at the US Open. This fact opened my eyes and made me look a little further. Prior to his last major Tiger won 65 tournaments but has only won 14 since. 14 by any “human” standards are very good but consider 9 of those 14 were on four courses he has had great success and played with great confidence. The fields were also not always the strongest in those 9 wins. Since his last major victory, Tiger has missed the cut or did not play do to injury in 9 of the 26 majors played in that time period. In the previous 46 majors Tiger played in all of them and missed the cut only once. Obviously these numbers are a little skewed due to the injuries Tiger has had. However, that’s the other thing, he began getting all these in late 2008 (there’s that year again) when he was only 33 years old. tigermuscleLate in 2007 Tiger Woods very noticeably began to bulk up? Why, he had such great success without it. And why did his injuries not rehab as fast. From time to time he hurt himself a few times before this and seemed to return quickly. Just seems like a lot of things began to spiral after 2008. 2009 was a good year, his last, but it was without question not the same Tiger.

Who knows what the reason or reasons for the downfall has been. Was it his father passing away, was it that he never recovered from the 4 iron to the head and dealing publicly with “his indiscretions” or was it Y.E. Yang becoming his kryptonite putting doubt in his infallibility? Tiger2The answer is in Tigers head between his ears and I’m sure those voices aren’t pretty right now. Can he return to form, why not he is a great athlete and I’m sure ESPN, The Golf Channel and Nike would pay any and all medical bills, they have a lot of money invested in him. The only thing left unanswered was there was one more thing I learned about 2008. In July of 2008, one month after his last major, the PGA began implementing its drug testing policy.

Coincidence?, maybe or maybe not?



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