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NFL Off-Season : Locker Room to Jail Cell

Handcuffs, Rehab, Suspension and Scandals….It`s the off-season!

The 2014 NFL Champions have been crowned and the season comes to a conclusion. How can you tell? Is it the talk of the upcoming draft, free agency or even the Boston parade of wise cracking beer chugging Patriots? Nope it seems to be more like the ridiculous tallies of arrest that are being made on NFL players all across the country. In just less than 5 days (and counting) there have been 3 player`s and 1 Hall of Famer arrested, 1 player admitted to rehab, a yearlong suspension dished out and 2 brand new arising scandals. Not to mention that there are an additional 3 other player arrest since the beginning of the year, but before the super bowl.  IT ISOFFICIALLY THE NFL OFFSEASON!!

Packers DT, Letroy Guion,   arrest invetory

Packers DT, Letroy Guion, arrest invetory

Here is a list in sequential order of the player incidents, that have NFL publicists ripping their hair out over:


January 5thNew Orleans Saints linebacker, Junior Galette, arrested on domestic violence charges towards a 22-year old female.

January 10thNew York Jets running back, Chris Johnson, arrested on second degree misdemeanor gun charge in Orlando, Florida

January 14thIndianapolis Colts linebacker, Josh Mcnary, arrested and charged with one count of rape, one count of criminal confinement and one count of battery. Incident was to have occurred December 1st, 2014

January 25thCleveland Browns wide receiver, Josh Gordon, suspended for the entire 2015 season due to a failed substance abuse test. This will Gordon`s third suspension.

February 1stAtlanta Falcons organization under investigation for using crowd noise through stadium speakers, during opposing offensive series.

February 2ndNFL Network anchor and 2013 HOF inductee, Warren Sapp, arrested in Phoenix on allegation of soliciting prostitution and domestic assault. Sapp admitted to solicitation, but denied assault.

February 2ndCleveland Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel, admitted himself to undisclosed rehab clinic for alcohol dependency.

February 3rdCleveland Browns GM, Ray Farmer, accused and investigated for texting sideline coaches during games. About play calling and personnel. Texting coaches are in a violation of the league policy.

February 4th Indianapolis Colts linebacker, D`Qwell Jackson, arrested in Washington D.C. for assaulting a pizza deliveryman…over a parking space

February 4th Dallas Cowboys running back, Joseph Randle, arrested on marijuana charges after the police were called due to a domestic disturbance.

February 5thGreen Bay Packers defensive tackle, Letroy Guion, arrested in Starke, Florida after police found a handgun, 357 grams of marijuana and $197,000 in cash during a vehicle search when Guion was pulled over for a routine traffic violation.


Most of these incidents are all happening just less than a week after the super bowl concluded. Remember when you were in high school and the final bell rang? All the students crowd the hall with cheers, throwing papers, bombarding the student parking lot, blasting their car stereos as loud as possible, spinning and burning tires; while racing out of the parking because everybody is hyped about getting hammered later. Well these players have just commenced another season of grueling practices, unlimited meetings, tough games and bundles of media coverage. They are ready to party. Now maybe hitting a pizza deliveryman is not partying… or maybe it is.

In perspective these are only the players that are getting caught. Do not think for a minute that these are the only guys causing trouble out there, no they are the only ones to be caught and exposed. Trust me there is more to follow in the coming weeks. Some players are animals, some are just making bad choices…!? No wait, they are all making bad choices. Some are just getting caught with bad luck. Like Guion who was pulled over for not staying in his lane.

Everybody is commending Johnny Manziel for raising his hand and not his middle finger to volunteer for rehab. Everybody gets their “I`m an addict” card at least once, Johnny decided to use his very early. Warren Sapp had an argument over money with a prostitute, should we blame her? Any working girl is going to argue over money if she has to ‘rodeo’ with a man that big. Should we blame Sapp for just trying to support the oldest profession in the world? And Josh Gordon must have the best and biggest T.V. in the world because this guy definitely does not want to play football he would rather just watch it, after receiving his third suspension for substance abuse. Maybe he and Johnny Manziel should check into rehab together and be roomies, the Browns organization is strait toxic right now.

Look we all do dumb stuff, especially when we feel accomplished, are excited and the sky is the limit. It is human nature to go above and beyond the rules of common sense after these neurons kick in and cause us,mostly men, to make bad choices.
The off-season is sometimes way more entertaining than the season itself. There have been so many great football films, but there has never been a dramatic, adventurous comedy about the craziness of an NFL off-season. Maybe Ivan Rietman can make a follow up drama comedy to Draft Day or Oliver Stone can bring back “Steamin`” Willy Beamon, with loads of money, drugs and women.

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