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In Defense of the Bulls

Chicago Bulls and the play offs? I can’t see why not, but how far will they go? With the 41-9 Atlanta Hawks in their conference, it’s really hard to say they will win the Eastern Conference though. The Bulls also have Toronto and Washington ahead of them and are tied with Cleveland. Chicago will most likely make the play offs, but a couple things need to happen for them to go further. Their last three games have been a disaster and it has the fans thinking “what happened?” They have had a lot of injuries happen this season and the defense has been lacking. The Bulls allowed 102.4 points through their first 49 in this 2014-2015 season. The team chemistry is broken and they went away from their strength, which is defense. I asked three Bulls fan on twitter what their opinion is on their favorite team.

“It’s all about defense if they want to win the championship.”

“Watching the Bulls play the last 15 games has been frustrating. Bad defense, they’re not being aggressive at all. It gets hard to watch because you know they can play better.”

“They’ve been playing defense with their hands tied behind their backs.”

Defense is obviously lacking with this Bulls team right now. If they want to win and make it far in the playoffs, they need to play better defense. No one player is to blame, you win and lose as a team. The Bulls have had plenty of reality checks, but they can get this straightened out if they fix the lack of communication quickly. It’s now or never for the Chicago Bulls.


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