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The Super Bowl Refs

We know the Super Bowl teams, coaches, location and even broadcasters on which network. Now we know we refferees. We as fans are looking at match-ups like Revis and Baldwin and Chancellor against Gostkowski and Brady vs. Wilson. But I wonder how much preperation goes into knowing the tendencies of the refferees by each team. We keep stats on everything, I am sure each team has a flow chart of what refferees call what penalties the most.

Referee Bill Vinovich will lead the crew of 7 officials onto the field and through out the game in Glendale Arizona. This is his ninth season as an NFL game official. He entered the league in 2001 as a side judge and was promoted to referee in 2004. He has officiated five playoff games, including three divisional playoffs and was the alternate referee for Super Bowl XLVII.

Have you ever wondered what it takes for an NFL official to officiate a Super Bowl? Well, wonder no more, here are the rules according to the NFL; officials must be rated in the top tier at their position to be eligible and they must have at least five years of NFL experience with previous playoff assignments.

Super Bowl XLIX officials

» Referee: Bill Vinovich; nine NFL seasons; five career playoff games; No. 52
» Umpire: Bill Schuster; 15 NFL seasons; eight career playoff games; No. 129
» Head linesman: Dana McKenzie; seven NFL seasons; four career playoff games; No. 8
» Line judge: Mark Perlman; 14 NFL seasons; 15 career playoff games; No. 9
» Field judge: Bob Waggoner; 18 NFL seasons; 11 career playoff games; No. 25
» Side judge: Tom Hill; 16 NFL seasons; 13 career playoff games; No. 97
» Back judge: Terrence Miles; seven NFL seasons; three career playoff games; No. 111

Mike Wimmer is the replay official. The replay assistant is Terry Poulos.

Vinovich, Schuster, McKenzie and Miles are officiating in their first Super Bowl. This will be Perlman’s third Super Bowl. He previously worked Super Bowls XL and XLIII. Perlman, Hill, and Waggoner officiated in Super Bowl XL.

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