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Jerry, When Is Enough, Enough?

I need to preface this writing by being entirely transparent to the reader. Since I can remember and realizing or knowing what football is I have been a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan.

As a child of the 1970s, I grew up in a state geographically far removed from the Great State of Texas, without a team to call my own. I was enamored, like much of America, with the Dallas Cowboys. I spent many Sundays and or Monday nights, when I was allowed, and every Thanksgiving Day in my Roger Staubach or Danny White jersey. If I wasn’t watching the annual Thanksgiving game or eating the family celebration meal then I was in the backyard playing the quarterback in my own game. Unlike in reality, the Cowboys always won when I was leading the team.

I am not a Dallas Cowboys historian or statistician, but I do remember Tex Schramm and Tom Landry leading the team with a respect and a swagger that created the franchise and helped earn the moniker of ‘America’s Team”. I more passionately remember the Dallas Cowboys as winners. There certainly were lean years and of course they lacked perfection, but in my eyes they were winners.

As a 12 year old, I stood on the star at the 50-yard line in Cowboys Stadium. About 12 years later, I was able to watch a wonderful Sunday showdown against the Green Bay Packers. I was blessed to be at the first home game for ‘Prime Time’ in prime time on a Monday Night.

When I became an adult and purchased my first home the bathroom was adorned in Dallas Cowboys team colors. (It took four coats to get the shading just right.) I even named a family dog after Emmitt Smith. (Mr. Smith it truly was meant as a sign of admiration and respect.)

I hope you can understand my passion, and that is why I have to write this article. It is because of my passion and the passion of millions of Dallas Cowboys fans across the world that I write, and I question.

Mr. Jones. May I call you Jerry? Jerry, when is enough, enough?

When is your tearing apart the original franchise to make it your own enough? Yes, you re-built it as you saw fit, but I personally believe that Jimmy Johnson had a lot to do with the success and two Super Bowl victories. However, you were not able to set aside your arrogance and control ‘freak’ behavior enough to co-exist with the best coach of that era, the coach who made “How ‘bout them Cowboys!” a household phrase.

Sure you won another Super Bowl with Barry Switzer, but that was in 1995! The great years of winning and success ended before my children were born. My oldest child will be 18 in a few weeks and until last weekend there had not been a playoff victory in a lifetime, a victory then only with the ‘Chris Christie Mojo’. Which begs me to ask, “What have you done for me lately?”

You imploded the stadium for God’s Team and sold out for the impressive billion-dollar behemoth. It is beautiful from what I have seen, but when is enough, enough? A beautiful stadium has not garnered a winning tradition.

The Cowboys are year in and year out one of the most valuable, if not the most valuable, sports franchises in the world, but why? When is enough, enough? The Cowboys sell more memorabilia than most all, if not all, other sports teams in the world, but why? When is enough, enough?

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I believe I speak for many when I say, “Jerry, we’ve had enough!”

We have had enough of your control of player personnel decisions. Hire an experienced General Manager, and let them do the job you hired them to do. Let the coaching staff coach the team. Stay out of the locker room and off the sideline. Your experiments with coaches and players have garnered much attention from the press. The cliché of ‘there is no such thing as bad press’ rings ever true when I think of the last 20 years of Cowboys lore.

Mr. Jones, your marketing and business savvy are second to none. You not only have made the Cowboys quite profitable, but the entire NFL. Congratulations! Keep doing what you are great at, but we have had enough of mediocrity on the field.

Enough is, enough! We want more than one year of competitiveness in twenty. We want confidence in the leadership on the field and off the field. We have had enough, when will you?

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