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A Trio of 2 Year Deals 2day

As the spring gets closer, the grapefruits get riper, the cactus start to bloom, and the free agent pool gets smaller. Today it diminished by 3 additional players who each signed 2 year deals with 3 different clubs. One player signed with a new club while another player signed with the same club he was with last year even though he lost his position half-way through the season and the third is from where he signed.

The first signing I want to take a look at took place in Kansas City. The Royals signed right-handed pitcher Edison Volquez to a 2 year $20 million dollar contract. Volquez had a bounce back season in 2014 with the Pirates where he went 13-7 with a 3.04 ERA while he also pitched 192.2 innings. He also had an almost 2 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio with 140 strikeouts to 71 walks. Plus, he finished 21st in the majors in ground ball rate. He is a nice signing for the Royals. Volquez is an above average pitcher in his 10 year career he is 66-59 with a slightly high career 4.44 ERA but an above average strikeout rate of 8.1 per 9 innings.

The Giants Sergio Romo

The Giants Sergio Romo

Secondly, a guy who lost his closer job in San Francisco has been resigned. Sergio Romo received a 2 year deal worth a reported $15 million. Even though he did loose his closer’s job last year he does have 78 total saves over the last 4 years. He is also an above average pitcher with 31 wins 21 losses and a very respectful 2.51 ERA for his 7 year career, all with the Giants.

And lastly, the Miami Marlins continue to build around Gincarlo Stanton as they sign Michael Morse to a 2

The Bat of Michael Morse

The Bat of Michael Morse

year deal worth a reported $16 Million. Morse has had a 10 year career but most of those years as a platoon player. He has only had 250 or more at bats in 6 of those 10 years. He would be considered in baseball terms as a late bloomer. For his career he is 1 home run shy of 100, yet he has hit a total of 81 home runs in the last 4 years. He will serve as protection for Stanton. It was also reported that he had better offers money wise to sign elsewhere, but both he and his wife are from Florida so that, not money, made the Marlins attractive for him.

These are 3 really good signings for each of these teams as they and the rest of baseball begin to add more pieces to their puzzle that they hope will take them to the post season. They are not necessarily flashy, but for these teams and their needs, they are effective.

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