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All Dodger’s Fans should be Insulted

Yesterday, in a move that I do not understand the Dodgers signed Brett Anderson to a 1 year $10 million dollar deal with incentives that kick in at 150 innings and top out at an additional $4 million if he reaches 200 innings. Anderson has pitched under 140 innings in the past 3 years combined and in his 6 year career he has only pitched over 150 innings once. He is a below average pitcher, he has won 27 games and lost 32, plus he has started 81 games and only won the a fore mentioned 27 games. Yet he is guaranteed a base salary of $10 million dollars. They also signed Brandon McCarthy to a 4 year $48 million dollar deal that has him earning $12.5 million for the next 2 years and $11.5 million for 2017 and 2018. He is a below average pitcher! Way below. He has been in the big leagues for 9 seasons and he has lost 13 more games than he has won for his career. An average pitcher would win just as many games as he has lost, McCarthy has lost 13 more games than he has won and yet he is being paid $48 million dollars by the Dodgers. Staying on the topic of being an average pitcher, you should win half of the games you start. In 2014 he made the most starts in 1 year in his career at 32, and he won 10 of them! For his career he has started 153 games and has won a whopping 52 of them. I am no mathematician, but even I know that is less than 33%. Well that must mean he strikes out a ton of hitters. No, in his 9 year career he has struck out 100 batters or more in a season only twice. Well then he must give you a ton of innings (even though I think we have proven by this point that even if he does the innings he gives are not very good) but the answer to that is no as well. He pitched 200 innings last year, but before that in his 9 year career he had never pitched over 171 innings.

Dodger reliever Brian Wilson

Dodger reliever Brian Wilson

The reason I bring this up, and the reason all Dodger fans should be insulted is that they do this all the time. The Dodgers have made a number of moves this off-season because spending $235 million, which was the most in baseball, only got them a division title so they are tweaking their roster. When they traded Dee Gordon and Dan Haren to the Miami Marlins they had to pay $2.5 million of Gordon’s salary and all of Haren’s salary of $10 million dollars in order to get the deal done. In the Matt Kemp trade, they had to pay the Padres $32 million dollars to get that deal done (technically it still is not complete) and when they signed the two below average pitchers we talked about above they had to dump another below average reliever in Brian Wilson and his $10 million dollar salary. The Dodgers actually designated Wilson for assignment. That means that the Dodgers have 10 days to trade him or hope that another club claims him. When neither of those things happen, and I am sure they will not, he will then be released and the Dodgers will then be on the hook for the entire $10 million salary. If he signs elsewhere, the Dodgers will save a little money, the team that signs him will have to pay him a prorated salary of $507,500 and the Dodgers would still be responsible for the remainder of the $10 million. So the Dodgers are paying $54.5 million dollars for 4 players that they won’t even have on their roster this up-coming year. In 2014 two complete team payrolls were less than the amount of money that the Dodgers are paying for players to essentially go away. The Houston Astros payroll in 2014 was $44,544,174 and the 2014 payroll of the Miami Marlins was $47,565,400.

Feel insulted yet?

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