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The Yankees don’t even Believe in A-Rod

Yesterday the New York Yankees signed Chase Headley to a 4 year $52 million dollar contract. He did not get a guaranteed no trade clause, but if he gets traded anytime during his 4 year contract, he earns another $1 million. The contract also includes an additional $1 million dollars for every year that he reaches 550 plate appearances. Chase has had an 8 year career in which he has been a .265 batter with 1 gold glove and 1 silver slugger. He has averaged 16 home runs and 70 RBI’s for his career (and that included his monster year of 2012 when he hit 31 home runs and drove in 115 RBI’s). So he is not a great third baseman, he is an average third baseman.

Chase getting a Gatorade bath in his first game as a Yankee after a game winning hit.

Chase getting a Gatorade bath in his first game as a Yankee after a game winning hit.

What this signing really tells me is that the New York Yankees don’t even believe in Alex Rodriguez. I get the feeling that the Yankees would like for Alex Rodriguez to just go away. But he is owed $61 million over the last 3 years of his current contract, including $21 million this season. So he is not going to just go away even though he has earned $356,285,104 so far in his baseball career.

Brian Cashman said that Chase was going to be the everyday third baseman, that essentially leaves A-Rod out in the cold. He is not going to play short stop because they made a trade for a young defensive minded player to fill that role in Didi Gregorius. So, I guess that means they do not trust a 39 year old man with two surgically repaired hips and a year off from baseball because of a PED suspension to man the hot corner, or any corner for that manner.

According to a source A-Rod was told by the Yankees that third base was his job. That is not the case now, and I wonder just what this signing is doing to his psyche. A-Rod has always given the persona that he believes he is great and worth of the money he is making no matter the results on the field. Now, because the Yankees seemingly do not trust him, he will only be able to grade himself on the results he has at the plate. And he will need to get $21 million dollars worth of results this year and $61 million dollars of results over the next 3 years when he turns 40 and 41 years old.

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