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Tuesday’s Top Ten

There is a new number 1 in the Top Ten. Two other teams dropped out. And three different teams moved either up or down 4 spots from last week to this week. Lastly, 8 of these teams are relatively easy, but those last 2 were really difficult. There are 7 current teams that are at 7-5, and they can’t all be in the top 10!

10) San Diego Chargers- last week not ranked- A come from behind big win on the road in Baltimore puts them at #10 ahead of a few more teams. But, a big game for them on Sunday as New England comes to town.

9) Dallas Cowboys- last week #3- A really bad loss at home to Philadelphia. If the play-offs would start this week they would be the odd team out of the play-offs even though they have 8 wins. But, they are 5-4 in their own conference.

8) Seattle Seahawks- last week not ranked- Their defense is definitely back. But, do they have enough offense? Big game to prove that against Philly on Sunday.

7) Cincinnati Bengals- last week #7- This was the ugliest win in the NFL this week. They beat a 2 win team by 1 point. But, it was a win.

6) Philadelphia Eagles- last week #10- An impressive win in Dallas where they dominated the game from the first to the final whistle.

5) Arizona Cardinals- last week #2- Your hand should be hovering over the panic button. K.C. comes to Az. and both teams are desperate for a win.

4) Indianapolis Colts- last week #6- An impressive performance by Andrew Luck. But they have dropped to the #4 seed in the AFC. Should be a good game this Sunday at Cleveland.

3) Denver Broncos- last week #5- A win in K.C. means a move to #3. 11th straight divisional road win, impressive.

2) New England Patriots- last week#1- Yes, they lost, but they are still tops in the AFC.

1) Green Bay Packers- last week #4- Aaron was right R-E-L-A-X.

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