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Zimmerman’s Gift for his Gift

It was the final game of the 2014 season and Jordan Zimmermann was throwing a no-hitter. Then Christian Yelich laced a line drive into the left center field gap that Steven Souza did an all out dive for. Souza was put in left field by manager of the year Matt Williams for defensive purposes in the 9th, and Souza made Williams look really smart. Zimmermann had the majority of his face in his glove looking defeated, almost knowing that the baseball was going to fall. But, it did not. The baseball found leather, the leather glove on the left hand of Souza as he did an all out dive and then secured the ball in his glove like we are all taught in little league. Because of that catch, Zimmermann pitched the first no-hitter in Expos/Nationals history since Dennis Martinez completed his perfect game on July 28th, 1991. This catch, especially what it meant to the history of the game, some would say it was the best of the year on the last day of the year.
A few days later, as the Nationals were preparing for their NLDS Zimmermann then hinted that he owed Souza a gift for preserving his no-hitter. When Souza was made aware of this he then joked that a BMW would be a nice gift.
Well, we can finally confirm the gift was not a BMW, but rather a gift card from Best Buy. Souza revealed to that Zimmermann gave him a Best Buy gift certificate. Souza declined to say how much the gift certificate was worth, but the present from Zimmermann helped Souza out big time.
“I cannot disclose the amount,” Souza said. “He gave a gift certificate to help me out for my house. It was very thoughtful.”
Zimmermann was certainly thankful for the catch by Souza. I am sure the gift card was for a rather excessive amount taking into consideration that last year Zimmermann made $7.5 million while Steven Souza made only 6 starts.

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