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Tuesday’s Top Ten

Not a ton has changed as far as teams, but there is a big change at the top. And it sets up some big games as far as rankings for the upcoming week.

10) Philedelphia Eagles- last week not ranked- They won again, and I know it was Tennessee, but they almost doubled the amount that Tennessee scored. It sets up an interesting game on Thanksgiving Day with another team in my top ten.

09) Detroit Lions- last week #6- They have lost 2 straight games to 2 quality opponents. But they have been man handled by both of them.

08) Pittsburgh Steelers- last week= #10- They had a bye week, but prepare for New Orleans on Sunday.

07) Cincinnati Bengals- last week- # 9- They continued to win, and do it on the road.

06) Indianapolis Colts- last week # 7- They won, but no running game will eventually catch up with them.

05)Denver Broncos- last week # 5- They almost put the Miami Dolphins in my top 10, so they stay where they were.

04)Green Bay Packers- last week # 4- After a couple of impressive wins, they had trouble beating a bad Minnesota team. They have a showdown game this Sunday with a team ranked higher than #4.

03)Dallas Cowboys- last week #3- I know it was a big division game, but it was still the Giants. They should have won by more than 3 and should have not had to come down to the last series of the game. Will this weeks Thanksgiving Day game with a division opponent play out the same way?

02) Arizona Cardinals- last week #1- They may have deserved to drop a couple more spots, but the teams below them struggled to win so they only fell 1 spot.

01) New England Patriots- last week #2- The #1 team looses and they have been impressive. They have beat all the other division leaders they will face in the play-offs. They will play the game of the week in Green Bay.

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