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Parker Hageman of Twins Daily put together a list of how many pitches were thrown in the 2014 campaign that registered at 97 MPH or faster. For me there were a couple of real surprises on this list. First, that the Royals threw so many with 2,287. Second that there was 1163 pitches difference between the Royals in 1st place and the Marlins in 2nd place (I was also surprised that the Marlins were in 2nd place.) Third I was surprised that only 3 teams threw as a whole staff over 1,000 pitches at 97 MPH plus. I also found it interesting that the Royals threw 2,138 more pitches more over 97 MPH than did their World Series foe the San Francisco Giants. Lastly, I found it interesting that out of the top 10 teams in this category, that only 4 of them went to the playoffs yet 5 of the bottom 10 teams went to the playoffs.




The average fastball in 2014 was 92.1 MPH. As you can see by the chart below, the Minnesota Twins, as a complete staff, only threw 1 pitch at 97 MPH or over this season. And that did not happen until September 22nd, when the season was winding down. It was thrown to Arizona Diamondback left fielder/first baseman Mark Trumbo for a swing and miss strike by Twins pitcher Lester Oliveros.




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