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Tuesday’s Top Ten

Just like in the college ranks, the top 10 teams in the NFL have been reevaluated after the 11th week of the NFL season. That is what happens when 3 of the top 5 teams loose. For the time being Cinderella’s slipper has broken, one division leader has been left out and the defending Super Bowl Champions have dropped out. Plus, one type of bird stays on top and the other comes in at a close 11.And 1 team jumps 5 spots!

10) Pittsburgh Steelers- last week not ranked- They have an impressive running game, and a receiver named Brown.

9) Cincinnati Bengals- last week not ranked- A big bounce back win. But, they play a dangerous Houston Texan team this week that they can not sleep on.

8) Kansas City Chiefs-last week not ranked- They have been 1 of 2 of the most impressive teams over the last few weeks, and a victory over the Seahawks buts an explanation point on it. And they did it with Alex Smith completing 11 passes.

7) Indianapolis Colts- last week #5- They have to beat the Patriots to go to that next level. But lots of teams over the years have said that and failed.

6) Detroit Lions- last week #3- It was not the fact that they lost to the best team in football, but how anemic they looked in doing so.

5) Denver Broncos- last week#4- I know they had a rash of injuries and I actually called this upset, but a top 5 team should not loose to a team who is not in the top 15. Or at least not like they did.

4) Green Bay Packers- last week #9- Aaron Rogers is out of his mind. They are scoring a lead leading 33 points on average per game.

3) Dallas Cowboys- last week #6- They had a late bye, which may actually help them. But, they play this Sunday night and then Thanksgiving afternoon 4 days later against two division opponents.

2) New England Patriots- last week #2- They just win. A few weeks ago they looked vulnerable, now all the sudden they look unstoppable.

1) Arizona Cardinals- last week #1- They just beat a good team with their back-up quarterback and looked good doing it, at least in the first quarter. They do have a date this Sunday with Seattle, who are now out of my top 10 and I am sure they are not happy about it.


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