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Tuesday’s Top Ten

This will be a weekly article ranking the top ten teams in the NFL from week to week. I originally thought I would get all the division leaders and put them in the top ten. But I just could not force myself to put a .500 team in my top ten even if they are leading their division and have Drew Brees. So here they are, and if you don’t like where your team is ranked………tell me about it …….. nicely.

10) Philadelphia Eagles- unlike the Cowboys they beat a decent team with a back-up quarterback. And on the road no less.

9) Seattle Seahawks- They have beat Green Bay and Denver while loosing to the Chargers and Cowboys. All quality opponents.

8) Pittsburgh Steelers- They have Big Ben, Bigger Brown and 6 wins.

7) Dallas Cowboys- They have an above average running back and offensive line and a below average back-up quarterback.

6) Cincinnati Bengals- Before their meeting with Jacksonville, Andy Dalton had thrown 6 touchdowns. 3 of them to Mohamed Sanu.

5) Indianapolis Colts- I know they only have 3 losses, but in 1 of them they gave up 51 points and 639 yards.

4) Detroit Lions- In 8 games they have only 519 total yards and 3 touchdowns from Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush. Scary.

3) Denver Broncos- They have beaten overall better teams than New England, but New England beat them all over.

2) New England Patriots- I think they are back. But, there 7 wins include the Vikings, Bears, Jets and Raiders.

1) Arizona Cardinals- They just keep finding ways to win, I found a way to but them on top.

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