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10 tips to win your fantasy football league

We are at the halfway point, it is not to late to turn your fantasy team around! Or if you are in good shape take a look at a couple of my tips and maybe you can widen the gap between you and your competition. These 10 tips are in no particular order.

1) The Buccaneers defense ranks last at defending wide receivers. IT MEANS; hurry and drop their defense, and start all your receivers that go up against them.

2) In winning their last 5 games Tom Brady has thrown 18 touchdowns and 1 interception. IT MEANS; trade for him if you can.

3) Last week vs. the Cardinals the Eagles drove down to the red zone 3 times and got 3 points. Now they have lost their starting quarterback. IT MEANS; bench your Eagles, at least until Nick Foles returns.

4) Remember the Lions are doing this first place 6-2 thing with 171 total yards and 1 touchdown from Reggie Bush and 348 yards and only 2 touchdowns from Calvin Johnson. IT MEANS pick up or trade for one of them, they will help you in the second half and do the same for Matt Stafford.

5) The Packer’s rested up on their bye, then they have 4 of their next 5 games at home. IT MEANS Grab all the packers you can.

6) When looking at waiver wire defenses, look at the team with the #1 pass defense. That would be the Kansas City Chiefs.

7) The poor Buccaneers have allowed the most yards, and gained the fewest. IT MEANS; start everyone against them……..everyone.

8) If “Big Ben” is still on your waiver wire, pick him up!

9) If managers in your league are still doubting the Arizona Cardinals defense, Larry Fitzgerald, or Carson Palmer. Make them believe by beating them with those players.

10) Pick-up Cam Newton. Look at their schedule, in their last 7 weeks I see 6 victories. And 1 of those weeks is a bye.

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