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The “Royals” theme song

matthew west kc

Christian Artist Matthew West with the Royals 2014 American League trophy.

Last year I was with my family at the Winter Jam christian concert series in Phoenix Arizona. We like to volunteer at christian concerts because we love the music and we love the interaction with other concert goers. We wanted to volunteer for one of my favorite artists Matthew West, and we were able to do just that. The booth we were apart of was directly in back of a sky-box, and about halfway through the night a man came out, and asked for 20 of each available C.D. and 10 of each different style of shirt in various sizes whatever we had and walked back into the sky-box.

I knew I recognized him, but could not put my finger on it. So I took a box and with the help of my family we loaded it with the items he requested, and took the box into the sky-box (past a security guard no less) and showed him what we put into the box before we charged him anything. He and his group went through the items and approved. Then I began to recignise people as they sifted through the contents of the box. These were members of the Kansas City Royals and the man who spoke to me earlier was none other than General Manager Dayton Moore!

me and dayton moore

Me and Dayton Moore.

We rang up the sale and brought him his items, all the while I was beaming inside, knowing who he was but not wanting to interrupt his concert experience. I did not say a word, I gave him his items, thanked him and left. But, after the concert he, myself and Matthew West all took pictures with me and my family. Dayton and Matthew were both extreamly nice and through our conversation I learned that they had gone to high school together and had remained friends.

I am a Kansas City Royals fan, and a Matthew West fan. The two of them have now teamed up to make the video below of the song “Royals” originally performed by the group Lorde. The video combines one of my favorite artists and one of my favorite baseball teams. I linked the video below for your listening and visual pleasure.


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