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There is a chance this will be the first full MLB season where there will be neither a 40 home run hitter or a 20 game winner. Clayton Kershaw is the closest with 17 wins and there are 3 hitters Nelson CruzChris Carter and Giancarlo Stanton who as of this writing have 35 home runs or more.

290/30/100 is a slash line that stands for a .290 batting average, 30 home runs, and 100 RBI’s. It is kind of the unofficial slash line that separates the average offensive powerhouses from the above average offensive superstars. But, since MLB has taken a hard stand against performance enhancing drugs the offensive numbers across the board in baseball have subsided.

V-MartIn 2001 28 players in MLB had the slash line of 290/30/100. 5 years later in 2006 15 players, or almost half as many as in 2001 have the same slash line of 290/30/100. If you fast forward 5 more years to 2011 and consider the same slash line, only 9 players in MLB make the cut. The trend continued as last year in MLB only 3 players were able to accomplish the slash line of 290/30/100.

This year only 4 players are on pace to hit for the slash line of 290/30/100. The first is the rookie (another column coming soon on calling him a rookie)and 27 year old Jose Abreu from the Chicago White Sox. The second is also a younger player who patrols center fielder for the Anaheim Angels in 23 year old Mike Trout. The third is only 1 year older than Trout and patrols right field at Marlins Park, Giancarlo Stanton. The last is over 10 years older than Stanton, yet at 35, Victor Martinez is hitting his way toward that slash line as well.

Since MLB has banned PED’s we have had a steady decline in performance, both at the plate and on the mound. Or, is it just a young mans game and Cruz (age 34) and Martinez are simply defying the age rule?



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