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We use Google analytics and have been since our site came on line roughly 3 years ago. Currently, we are averaging over 100 visits per day. These are true visits. We do not do things like have author pages and count those visits in our numbers, we have the picture and the author bio on each article. None of our articles require multiple clicks to read the entire story either. The numbers can be proven, and are true numbers.

What We Need From You, The Advertiser

In order to give you a professional ad on our professional website, we will need a few things from you. 1) We need the name of the company 2) What you are advertising 3) The link you want the user to go to when clicked 4) Logo image 5) If they have a color scheme or font that needs to be used from their style guide.

Special NFL Advertising Rates For Twitter Followers

Super Bowl 52 will be played in Minnesota this year at U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, February 4th, 2018. The NFL Regular season kicks off Thursday, September 7th. is running an advertisement special for the entire 6 month 2017-18 NFL Season from September 4th to February 4th. Even though we are getting well over 100 visitors per day on average, since you have followed us on Twitter and supported us, we will offer you the entire 6 month time frame for only $250.00. This is a “Thank You” for your business supporting us as we continue to grow with an affordable ad campaign that will help your business grow as well.

This is an example of a 480 x 480 article.

Questions about this special

Where will my advertisement be found?

This special will get your advertisement on All our Football stories.

What Football do you cover exactly?

We have writers covering 20 teams currently, we are always adding writers and the goal is to have 1 writer at least for each team. In addition, we will cover each Monday Night Football game and Thursday Night Football game. Plus, as of this writing, we are also covering the Big Ten, Big Twelve and Pac 12. All of these will be covered in a weekly article. Therefore, there will be at least 25 football articles per week minimum.

If you would like your advertisement to be on our home page where ALL of our fans can interact with the advertisement, that is only a 1 time up charge of $50.00 for the entire 6 month period.

What size will my ad be and where on the football page will it be?

All home page ads are the same size they are 480 x 480. All the advertisements will go vertically down the right-hand side of the page. Therefore considering all of this, any picture needs to be of good quality, as our site is of good quality and needs to be 480 x 480 as well. You can see examples of an advertisement here as they appear on our homepage.


Pop-up Advertising

Home Page Pop-up- It is a pop-up that loads on the home page. It does not go away even if you scroll down, it follows. It has an obvious “X” in the upper right-hand corner for the reader to close with. When the reader closes it the Pop-up will not appear for another 24 hours.

Pricing- 1 Month= $75.00/ 3 Months= $200.00/ 6 Months $350.00/ 12 Months $600.00



Home Page Advertising

All home page ads are the same size they are 480 x 480. All the advertisements will go vertically down the right-hand side of the page. If you choose to have an image in your advertisement, it must be of good quality, as our website is of good quality. It must, at a minimum be 480 x 480. Each home page advertisement will also have an unlimited number of characters in think good taste. As well as only containing 1 hyperlink. There will be no ads sitting directly on top of one another. Our website has features built in that will go between each advertisement that will bring attention to all the ads and will break up the ads to make them more effective for your business.

Pricing- 1 Month= $100.00/ 3 Months= $275.00/ 6 Months= $550.00/ 9 Months $800.00/ 12 Months= $1,000.00

As a bonus to New customers only, If you purchase a 6 month plan for $550.00 and renew that identical plan within the first 90 days, the renewal will only cost $500.00.


In Article Advertisements

IAA’s are a cheap yet highly visible and highly effective way of advertising with All of your story advertisements will be centered on the page to get the readers full attention. They can include up to 100 words, 2 graphics and up to two direct links. The font will be larger than the article font to draw the eye of the reader to your advertisement. See an example of our in article advertisements click here. In article, advertisements can be purchased for several dollar amounts with the pricing below.

1 IAA                    $12.00

5 IAA’s                  $50.00

10 IAA’s                $80.00

25 IAA’s                 $150.00

This is an example of the in advertisements we can customize for your business.


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