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The first founding geek, Scott Fitzpatrick was born and raised in the “Heartland of America.” But being in the “Heartland” also means being geographically challenged (or that he lives in the middle of nowhere) so since the nearest baseball or football stadium was a good two-hour drive, he settled for things closer to satisfy his sports appetite. He wet that appetite with minor league baseball, Cornhusker football, and like everyone else who lived in the “Heartland” with him they showed up in groves to the College World Series. He has family on the East Coast so during baseball season he wears his Red Sox and if he is watching on the gridiron sometimes he gets his Eagle feathers all ruffled. Scott enjoys an occasional frothy beverage and continuous left turns at high rates of speed.

The other founding geek is Michael Ballentine. He was born and spent the majority of his life in the “Bible Belt.” He was happy on Saturday morning when cartoons were over, because that meant it was time for the WWF! Followed shortly thereafter by This Week in Baseball and then the Saturday game of the week. Michael loves almost every sport, so you will see him write about a wide variety of sports topics, but his main focuses are baseball, football and professional wrestling. He is a life long Cincinnati Red’s fan and a Bengals fan. He also loves collecting autographs and long walks on the warning track.

Scott and Michael were recently introduced by a mutual friend at their workplace in Arizona, where they both currently reside. “We did not hit it off right away,” says Michael of their friendship. “Then we each realized that we had a love of sports, and that was all it took.” finished Michael. “I would not say we are besties, because that just sounds unmanly, but we do make a great pair,” said Scott about their current relationship “We are not like Sonny and Cheer or Mork and Mind we are more like Jordan and Pippen, Bench and Rose, or Bradshaw and Swan.”

Soon after scoring more goals as their relationship grew they decided to try a hat trick and began to design a sports website that would combine there love of all things sports. So one decided to drive the car as the other was the crew chief and they eventually made it to the winners circle with there site design. Then, with frequent tags, they were able to tie on the arm bands, paint up there faces, run to the ring and shake the ropes with great fury and announce on October 31st 2014 there collaboration ingeniously called, A one stop shop for all your sports news and apparel.

As of today the site is not yet 100% complete. But they hope to be 100% finished by years end. Notwithstanding, weather the site is complete or not, they value the opinions of their readers and encourage their readers to give them negative or positive feedback at or Your opinion is like the bunt that moves the runner into scoring position, not everyone notices the sacrifice but without it, we don’t win.



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